Katrina Stone rallies fans - Wins the hearts, wardrobe and a whole lot more from maurices

Posted by Tess Cychosz on Apr 3, 2012 10:53 AM
Tess Cychosz
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Clearly, you were so fabulous at SXSW since right after you were flown out to Duluth to play an event to celebrate maurices associates in their home office. What was the experience like and any highlights or surprises playing for an audience in that setting?

Playing at the maurices party in Duluth was incredible. All of the associate's families were invited and so there were tons of kids running around and dancing to our music. The biggest surprise was that they wanted to fly our two year-old daughter in for the show as well! We had the privilege of meeting many of the people that made the competition and SXSW show happen. I was also able to tour their amazing corporate office and see what goes into managing that many clothing lines and stores. We couldn't have asked for a better experience with a better group of people.

Have there been any takeaways or words of advice you could pass on to other artists about getting involved with a consumer brand like maurices?

The most fundamental piece of advice I could give any other artists or bands considering getting involved with such a massive brand is to really believe in your brand and what you have developed as an artist. I almost didn't enter this competition because I thought I couldn't win it. You need to believe that you have something to offer a major consumer brand before they will see it for themselves.

What's coming up next for you that we should be on the look-out for? Any new music, videos or upcoming tours on the horizon?

There is definitely new music happening in the next few months. When I released this last record, many of the songs were older tracks that I thought I would release for free just for fun. We have had a slew of successes recently and the maurices competition opened a lot of doors for us so we are going to release some new songs pretty soon. I can't say anything definitively yet, but keep an eye out for us this summer. We have teamed up with Tinderbox Music to hopefully land some television placements. I am also filming a video that I won through the maurices competition with The Play Network in LA next week for the song "Perfectly Accidentally".

Check out more of Katrina Stone on her EPK and be sure to stay tuned when her music video for "Perfectly Accidentally" is ready for the world. I have a strong, strong hunch is that she'll be looking pretty fabulous. 

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