Mad Men Music: Sonicbids Artists That Should Make the Soundtrack

Posted by Kate Myers on May 21, 2012 12:44 PM
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Each week, thousands of people tune in to find out what’s next for Don, Peggy, Joan, Roger and countless others that are the minds behind Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  Even ad guys know the important role of music in the tumultuous 1960s. In fact, the Mad Men soundtrack features the quintessential sounds of the time from the Beatles to Simon and Garfunkle to The Rolling Stones.

We thought it’d be fun to pick out some Sonicbids artists who pay homage to the time through their tunes. Here are our picks for Sonicbids artists who may have been born in the wrong era.



Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside: To say the band has been influenced by the jazz, R&B and rock & roll of the 1960s would be an understatement. Listening to the tracks “Danger” or “I swear” makes me feel like I’m sipping on a Coke at the local diner before a sock hop. But don’t call them copycats. Ford’s strong and sassy vocals are unlike anything you’ve heard yet.



The Sheepdogs: The Sheepdogs must have a time machine, because these boys fit in among the sounds of the 60s and 70s. With riffs straight out of the South and psychedelia, these Canadians make tunes that rival the classics! Move over “Sweet Home Alabama,” and make room for The Sheepdogs.


Fitz and the Tantrums: This American soul/pop band from California has been all over the place in the last few years. You’ve seen them on every late night show, and heard them on CBS crime-drama Criminal Minds and ABC’s Desperate Housewives. But this 6-piece pays homage to Motown’s best, and could fit right into Mad Men’s roster of talent.



Blake Mills:  This California boy knows how to pay tribute to the greats. In fact, his track “It’ll All Work Out” is reminiscent of the folk scene of the 60s. With Dylan-esque lyrics, it’s Mills’ storytelling that is something special. Not to mention, his beautiful guitar playing.

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