METALTECH Looks to Set the World on Fire, Literally

Posted by Nick Mendez on Dec 7, 2011 03:14 PM

I'm not sure how representative the guys from METALTECH are of the greater Scottish public, but their neon orange train of mayhem is tearing it's way across the UK, innocent bystanders be damned.

Vocalist, synth-master and rhythm guitarist Erik Tricity is shamelessly transparent about the band's goals.

"Me and the [lead] guitarist, The Insidious Doktor Mayhem, come from Kirkwall in Orkney but have now moved to Edinburgh in Scotland to further our career: taking over the world!" he said without pause.

They could simply mount an assault with their electro-rock thunder; the rhythms are elementally virulent like a knee high pile of brimestone and the sharp instrumentation rains down on you like the spears of Xerxes.

The METALTECH guys don't just want to brute force their way into multi-national success, however, they want to cover audiences with a blended sludge of beer, confetti and face paint. That blend was a huge hit at Belladrum Tartan Heart 2011.

"We first heard about Belladrum about two years ago and decided that it would be a fantastic way to spread our insanity to an unsuspecting Scottish public," Erik said.

And insanity is exactly what these guys deliver. You can hear it in their debut LP Burn Your Planet, and you can see it in the eyes of their adoring fan base.

"The crowd was AWESOME!" Erik recalled, "they turned up wearing METALTECH make-up, waving METALTECH banners and generally got drunk and had a whale of a time."

Performing on a combine harvestor painted jet black, METALTECH made their second performance at Belladrum one to remember.

Along with bassist and gas mask enthusiast Lord Thrapston Flagellator, the guys are hard at work on new material to assault your membranes. For hard-rocking harbringers of the apocalypse, they have a very concise plan:

"World domination, some power drinking and a second album in the new year."


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