10 of the Most Beautiful Recording Studios in the World

Posted by Rachel Bresnahan on Jun 17, 2016 08:00 AM

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Calling all audio nerds! Ever find yourself marveling at the gear, gadgets, and boards of every recording studio you step into? Well, feast your eyes upon the gorgeous equipment, spaces, and aesthetics of these 10 Instagram-worthy, drool-inducing studios.

1. Hans Zimmer's Music Lair (Los Angeles, CA)


Hans Zimmer's home studio. 😳😍😩 #picoftheday #instagood #instamusic #studiolife #traxxsurgeons #mixxsurgeons

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I'm fully convinced that Hans Zimmer is actually a vampire, judging by his "music lair." How amazing are those synthesizers?!


2. Electric Lady Studios (New York, NY)


Awesome location today in #NYC... #ElectricLadyStudios #GoodVibes #SoManyEpicRecordsRecordedHere

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Electric Lady Studios is easily one of the most recognizable studios in the industry for its eclectic artwork and funky aesthetics. Who wouldn't want to lay down some tracks here?


3. Real World Studios (Wiltshire, England)


Cathedral of sound

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Real World Studios is the brainchild of the great Peter Gabriel. The open architecture of "the Big Room" (pictured) allows for a live-sounding atmosphere and eliminates the boundaries between the performers and engineers. B-e-a-utiful!


4. Joel Zimmerman's Home Studio (Campbellville, Ontario)


Is it any surprise that Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, has some crazy cool hardware? This home studio is definitely easy on the eyes.


5. Abbey Road Studios (London, England)


History and chart-topping hits line these walls. Abbey Road Studios is not only the most famous recording studio, but Studio One is also the world's largest purpose-built recording studio.


6. Blackbird Studio (Nashville, TN)


Those acoustic treatments are a work of art. Enough said.


7. Allaire Studios (Ulster County, NY)

Sitting at the top of a mountain outside of New York City is Allaire Studios. The interiors of the studio are just as magnificent as the views of the valley.


8. Ocean Sound Recordings (Giske, Norway)

Ocean Sound Recordings is hanging out in Norway like it's no big deal. "Ocean Sound" is clearly the most appropriate name for this studio, as the building is practically in the ocean. But the Northern Lights, though – that's amazing. Recording here is one thing, but is there an extra room I can rent?


9. La Chapelle Studios (Waimes, Belgium)

This recording space at La Chapelle Studios is so warm and inviting, not to mention extremely photogenic!


10. Windmill Lane Recording Studios (Dublin, Ireland)

Faders on faders on faders. Hey, Windmill Lane, if I ever get to visit in person, just know that I'm never leaving!


Rachel Bresnahan is an editorial intern at Sonicbids. 

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