PledgeMusic Offers Help to Bands Heading to The Great Escape

Posted by Marya Mclaughlin on Mar 25, 2011 04:53 PM
Marya Mclaughlin
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With festivals like The Great Escape just around the corner, we know a lot of you artists are getting all your travel in order. Many of you are using this trip as the centerpiece to a larger tour. And PledgeMusic wants to help!

PledgeMusic is a full-service music company providing artists with the tools and services they need to effectively build their fan-base and career, long-term.  They offer Data Capture Tools, Email services, and Campaigns to raise money for your music projects, charity, and much more. By combining technology, social media and fan engagement with years of music business expertise, PledgeMusic provides artists and fans multiple opportunities to connect and actively participate in the artist’s career.

PledgeMusic wants to help you create and manage a direct to fan campaign to help you raise the money you need to get to The Great Escape. And as an added bonus, PledgeMusic is waiving their standard 15% campaign fee for all Sonicbids selected Great Escape artists! So, how does PledgeMusic really work? Check out this artist’s success story and check out our checklist we’ve created below.

First, you have to establish your estimated costs for your trip, including expenses like:

  • hotels

  • gas

  • food

  • flights

  • marketing

You want to account for any costs you may incur along the way while still sticking to a realistic budget. Then, PledgeMusic helps you to create a realistic direct to fan engagement campaign that will help you get the money you need and keep you on budget for the big show. They also offer amazing marketing tools with the PledgeMusic widget to help you connect with a larger fanbase in your pursuit of rock glory.

Basically, we want all of you to have a successful gig experience and still have some money in your pocket at the end of the day. Being the starving artist may seem cool and bohemian, but it’s not always to most fun. Start your PledgeMusic campaign today by clicking on the PledgeMusic App in the Featured Apps section of your artist account homepage, and we’ll see you all at the show!

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