Sonicbids Update: 2/27/14

Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Feb 27, 2014 04:00 PM

Here's a list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that we've put out over the last couple of days. We also wanted to give you a heads up on some big releases happening in the coming weeks -- more details below.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Changed the default landing page on EPKs to About and moved the Feed to its own tab  
  • Featured gigs are now highlighted on the band dashboard
  • New gigs are now highlighted on the band dashboard
  • Improved band dashboard EPK tips and tools
  • Expanded the band dashboard lefthand navigation 
  • Added additional validation to help prevent users from accidentally removing themselves from their band
  • Added a button in the Manage Photos page to make any photo the band profile image 
  • Added “Front of Stage” to the stage plot tool
  • Photos in gig detail pages now open in a lightbox

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the discography could not be saved if song lyrics were not filled in further down the page
  • Fixed a bug where bands could not create a self service gig
  • Fixed URL validation to support international characters
  • Fixed a generic error when creating gigs
  • Fixed an error when adding bands to show dates (when selecting a non-Sonicbids band from the dropdown, a Sonicbids band would load)
  • Removed the gig-specific terms and conditions title from a gig’s application page when there are no gig-specific terms and conditions
  • Fixed a bug that caused the band contact form to reset when you confirm band members
  • Fixed the MusicBrainz tooltip (the last line was cut off)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from removing roles from the initial band member
  • Fixed a bug with Google location services that prevented users from moving on from the page if there were zero location results
  • Fixed a Facebook URL validation bug
  • Fixed a bug in calendar pages where some shows in the date range were not displaying
  • Added in additional validation so that alpha characters are not accepted in numeric only fields
  • Fixed display bug on the loading icon where it would load on top of other display items
  • Made Spotify and Rdio tooltips clickable 
  • Fixed form character length bugs
  • We now allow commas in press URLs as valid characters
  • Fixed a bug on pricing and coupon fields where special characters were not accepted
  • Fixed a bug where embedded videos were not showing up on gig detail pages
  • If the pitch field in applications is optional, the pre-filled copy is now ignored
  • Fixed a bug where the application hangs because there is no role in band member’s information (it now shows an error pointing out that the role is required)
  • Added a default gray color to the WYSIWYG editor (if the user changed the color from the original gray, they could not change it back)
  • Fixed a bug where required contact fields in the application were showing as optional
  • Fixed a focus bug where pressing enter on a dropdown would submit the form (it now selects the item that is focused on)
  • Fixed a bug where new band members would not show up on the following form
  • Fixed a duplicate entry error when editing a gig and updating company information 
  • Fixed a bug where users were required to fill out optional information
  • Fixed a display bug that prevented the expiration date from showing on the memberships page
  • Fixed a bug where calendar controls on the EPK prevented you from going back more than a year
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from using the same contact for multiple contact types
  • Fixed a bug in the band feed where only the first hashtag was showing
  • Fixed a bug where some bands’ tweets where not being pulled into their EPK feed
  • Fixed alignment issues on the calendar sorting fields
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the success message from appearing when users connected their Twitter or Instagram accounts
  • Made the display of dates consistent across the different manage media pages
  • Fixed a bug that removed WYSIWYG selections when switching back and forth from HTML
  • Fixed a few alignment bugs
  • Fixed many mobile and tablet display bugs
  • Added in various support copy 
  • Fixed some typos


  • Calendar Updates - Phase I - Next week we will roll out new displays of the EPK calendar view and manage show pages 
  • Calendar Updates - Phase II - Displaying the new platform show dates mixed in with the old platform show dates so they look like one cohesive calendar 
  • Calendar Updates - Phase III - Revamping the add/edit show experience, making it easier to add and edit shows, including the venue creation flow 
  • We’re reworking how the Add Band Member tool works 

Have a bug to report? Let us know at with "bug" in the subject line.

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