Sonicbids Update: 2/28/14

Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Feb 28, 2014 03:59 PM

Here are the fixes we made today, plus a sneak peek at what's coming up. Check back here periodically for the latest Sonicbids updates!

Fixed Today:

  • Promoters can now sort applications in their Promoter Inbox by Band Name or Rating
  • Fixed bug where registered marks in gig names were causing application to fail on the payment page
  • Cleaned up HTML description displays in applications 
  • Linked the Site Updates section on the dashboard to always link to the Site Updates section in the blog

Coming Soon:

  • Calendar Updates - Phase I - Next week we will roll out new displays of the EPK calendar view and manage show pages 
  • Calendar Updates - Phase II - Displaying the new platform show dates mixed in with the old platform show dates so they look like one cohesive calendar 
  • Calendar Updates - Phase III - Revamping the add/edit show experience, making it easier to add and edit shows, including the venue creation flow 
  • We’re reworking how the Add Band Member tool works 

Have a bug to report? Let us know at with "bug" in the subject line.

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