Sonicbids Update: 3/12/14

Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Mar 12, 2014 05:30 PM


We're excited to announced that we've rolled out the first major calendar update – with more to come! We also made a few fixes over the last week. Check back here periodically for the latest Sonicbids updates.

New Features:

  • New user interface for the calendar in your EPK. The shows are much cleaner looking. Please note that we still have the new/classic toggle for right now, but integrating the two views will come in our next major release.
  • Added an interstitial page for users who sometimes lose their user context


  • Increased payment system timeouts
  • Increased number of slots available to be awarded in self-service gigs from 5 to 10 bands


  • Fixed a Javascript error when adding a band member in the application form
  • Fixed a redirect issue when saving a stage plot that was started in an gig application (it now redirects back to the application)
  • Fixed a bug where "apply by" dates were not updating fast enough on promoter gig pages
  • Fixed a bug where special characters were rendering improperly in the promoter inbox 
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to apply to gigs with UTF-8 characters in the gig title
  • Fixed and enhanced copy in success and error messages 

Coming Soon:

  • Calendar Updates - Phase II - The new platform show dates will be mixed in with the old platform show dates so that they look like one cohesive calendar. This will replace the new/classic toggle on the EPK calendar page and the "manage calendar" page in the dashboard. Users will also be able to edit calendar show dates from the old platform in the new user interface.
  • Calendar Updates - Phase III - We'll be revamping the "add/edit show" experience to make it much easier (including the new venue creation flow).
  • We’re reworking how the "add band member" tool works .

Have a bug to report? Let us know at with "bug" in the subject line.

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