Sonicbids Walkthrough: Navigating the Application Inbox

Posted by Sonicbids Staff on May 2, 2014 03:12 PM

One of the reasons why promoters love using Sonicbids to book bands is that they can review applicants efficiently and equally. We’re constantly working to improve the tools we provide you with – so whether you have a self-serve gig listing or a premium gig listing with us on Sonicbids, this walkthrough will help you master your application inbox in no time.

How do I get to my application inbox?

Simply click on your gig listing's name on your dashboard or click “manage gig listings” to see all your gig listings.


Where can I find my live gig listing?

Click on the gear icon, and then click “view details.”


How do I view key details and applications for my gig listing?

Click on the name of the gig listing in your application inbox to view details such as important dates and applicants.


How do I edit my gig listing?

If you have a premium gig listing, contact your account manager. If you have a self-serve gig listing or you’re not sure who your account manager is, just reach out to and we’ll take care of you.

How do I review applications?

Click on each applicant and read through the application tab first. Then, listen through their songs and check out their photos and videos to learn more about the band. Remember to view the band's full EPK to get the most complete picture. Once you've seen enough to form an opinion, give them a "thumbs up" to move the band to your shortlist, or a "thumbs down" to mark them as not selected. Note that the application scrolls, so be sure to get all the information you need.



• Don’t confuse thumbs up-ing a band with awarding them the gig. The thumbs up/thumbs down icons are just another way to help you sort your applications and make decisions more quickly.


• Reviewing a band's full EPK and social media pages will give you much more detailed information about the band and can help you make a final decision.


Need some information that a band didn’t provide? You can message applicants at any time, even before you award the gig. Just click on the band’s name, and then click on the mail icon to the right. Be sure to include the best way for the band to get back in touch with you.


How can I filter the applications I’ve received?

You can filter your applications by genre, the star rating you assign, or the label you add.


Note: Ratings and labels are kept internal, and are meant to help you sort through your applications more efficiently. Bands do not see the ratings or labels you add to their applications.

You can rate a band by clicking on the number of stars you’d like to give them. Giving stars is optional, but it's a great tool that will help you with your review process.


Labels can be extremely useful when reviewing your applications, but like star ratings, they're also optional. If you've received a lot of submissions, you may want to assign labels such as “first round” or “second round” to keep things organized. Or if you have more than one person reviewing applications, using labels with the reviewers’ names are a great way to make sure that every band is listened to. To add a label, click on the name of the band and type in the "label" field all the way to the right.


How do I award a gig?

Once you’ve reviewed all applications, click on the “award gig” button and select the bands you’ve decided to book.


A pop-up will appear with a list of all the thumbs-up bands in your inbox. Check the box next to the artist(s) that you would like to book for your gig, then customize the message you’d like to send to the bands.



• Be sure to provide your contact information so that the bands can reach you if necessary. Include information on how you and the band will move forward from here.


• You can also choose to send the message immediately, or you can schedule the message to be sent on your specified review and notify date.

• You can always come back and award the gig to more applicants, so don’t worry about doing it all at once. Any band not selected will receive an email on the review and notify date. Bands that made your shortlist but were ultimately not awarded the gig will receive an email letting them know they were considered, but not selected. 

Note: If you've already awarded the gig to certain artists, the boxes next to their entries will remain checked off in the "award gig" pop-up window to indicate that they have already been previously selected.



We hope this walkthrough was helpful in understanding how to get the most out of your application inbox! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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