How to Craft the Perfect Artist Pitch: Advice From CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers

Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Sep 18, 2015 06:00 AM

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As the founder of indie-artist hub CD Baby, Derek Sivers understands the importance of a solid pitch. After all, as he says, artists on the site have one sentence to describe their music and album to potential buyers. Defining your sound is tough but not impossible, and it's wholly necessary if you want to gain traction. Take these points that Sivers discusses with Ariel Hyatt of Cyper PR to heart, and get working on that perfect pitch for your band.

00:35 - The importance of being able to define your sound

01:28 - Why you need a one-sentence elevator pitch

02:13 - Learn to put yourself in your listeners' shoes

03:17 - "Why do you expect anyone to check out your music when you haven't even told them what the hell you do?"

03:55 - Find a few words that just make people curious to hear more

04:11 - Get your pitch together, write it out, do it soon


Do you have a finely tuned elevator pitch you keep in your back pocket at all times? Share it in the comments!

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