This Graph Shows How Much Smartphones Have Taken Over Music Listening

Posted by Lisa Occhino on Jul 18, 2014 09:30 AM

So you knew smartphones have pretty much taken over everything – especially when it comes to music – but did you know exactly how much?

Information graphics designer Nicolas Rapp created this graph of the evolution of music listening to really put it all into perspective.

It only extends as far back as 1983 (so we're not going to see the height of record players on here), and we'd be curious to see where desktop computers and laptops fall on this graph, but it seems that Rapp wanted to keep it simple by specifically focusing on the most "portable" of music devices.

It's also important to note that the smartphone is one of the only devices on here that's not exclusively meant for music listening (you could make the app argument for iPods as well). Nevertheless, the fact still remains that smartphones are by far the easiest way to access virtually any song, anytime, anywhere.

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