Top Five Reasons to Use Your Sonicbids Facebook Artist Profile

Posted by Nick Mendez on Feb 2, 2012 03:31 PM

The other day while sitting at my Sonicbids desk, a little bird landed on the window sill and told me that some of you aren't utilizing our Facebook Artist Profile feature. I was all like "no way bird that ish is free to all members, who wouldn't give it a try" and he was all like "tweet tweet tweet I'm a flipping bird don't shoot the messenger."

After naming my new winged friend Worf and demanding that he fetch me a sandwich, he flew away and vowed not to return with my freshly cut capicola until I tell you guys all the great reasons to set up an artist profile.

And I'm hungry dudes, so without further to do, here are the top five reasons you should be using the Sonicbids Facebook Artist Profile:

1. It's free with your membership:

That's right Sonicbids members, adding an artist profile to your Facebook page doesn't cost you a dime. It's a key feature of our Sonic and Supersonic memberships that we're very happy to offer and support for no additional charge.

2. All your content integrates automagically:

Don't waste any more time transferring photos, uploading MP3s or retyping your band's storied history! When you activate your artist profile, all the data you've poured into your EPK transfers right over. Then you can fine tune the appearance and features of your profile via the artist dashboard.

3. 850 million people can't all be wrong: 

Still not convinced that Facebook is a platform worth your time? Let me throw a little number your way- 850,000,000 active monthly users. That's 2000 times the total members of ASCAP. Put another way, that's roughly equal to the combined populations of the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain, Greece, Germany, France and the Ukraine. Imagine the t-shirt sales.

4. Like-lock to grow your fanbase:

As a special bonus for Supersonic members, we've built a like-lock feature directly into the profile. With this feature you can require fans to Like your profile before they can play your new single, for instance, growing your fan base and potential outreach.

5. Facebook and music are tighter than ever: 

On Facebook, music apps are the new hotness. Since the launch of music apps at last year's F8 conference, users have shared their listening activity more than 2 billion times. Streaming companies like MOG have seen a 246 percent growth in business since the launch. More than ever, tastemakers are using Facebook to find new tunes.

So what are you waiting for? Just click here to get your artist profile set up. It's that easy. Now where's my sandwich?






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