Sonicbids Update: 1/10/14

Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Jan 10, 2014 02:55 PM

Here is the list of issues we fixed yesterday and what we are working on today. If you are having a problem that you don't see addressed below, please let us know.

Today's Fixes:

  • Added Sorting to Promoter Inbox
  • Fixed issue where bands who navigated away from payment page while submitting an application had their applications incorrectly display a submitted status
  • Fixed issue in Promoter inbox where award the gig modal didn't close
  • Fixed issue where data validation errors on band profile editor were not being displayed
  • Fixed image validation issues on image uploader when creating a listing
  • Fixed formatting issues with twitter icons in soup block footers
  • Stop displaying "none" in the short description section of the EPK for artists who haven't entered a short band description
  • Don't display removed band members in the Admin band search view
  • Better messaging about required fields on Getting Started
  • Adjust tool tip code so that tool tips display on mouse over
  • Fixed FAQ link and info text on the "band doesn't meet application criteria" page
  • Added "optional" label to street address collection fields
  • Renamed My Gigs to My Applications  in Band Context menu to prevent confusion about where your applications are

Upcoming Fixes:

  • Prevent bands from creating multiple band members with the same email address
  • Prevent bands from removing the last real (non-lead) user from a band
  • Adjust homepage display for landscape orientation on mobile devices
  • Fix inbox pagination

If you are having a problem that hasn't been covered in these updates, please chat with our Support team so we can get it fixed for you. There's a live chat widget at the bottom of most pages, or you can file a ticket at

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