Update 12/13/13: Signup fixes, Data migration, and helpful information.

Posted by Matthew Stein on Dec 13, 2013 11:23 AM
Matthew Stein

Here is your daily update about what we're working on, and what we've fixed. We'll keep bringing these to you so you have good insight into what progress is being made. Remember, if you are having a problem that's not listed below, PLEASE let us know.

When you tell us something is broken, we can fix it for the people who haven't reported it yet. 

What we fixed:

  • Fixed issue where payment would be processed, and the account would be activated in our database but would not show up as activated on the confirmation screen during the sign-up process.
  • Refined the Advanced filters on the Find Gigs page.
  • Clarified messaging around band member addition process.
  • Promoters can now manage calendar dates, sometimes returned an error previously.
  • You can now add users to a Promoter group.
  • Promoter Inbox: Can now view photos and videos tab on an artist's application.
  • Bug fixed: If you relaunch the Intro Tour, you can now close the window.
  • Reordering Media in profiles. (Partially fixed, see below) 

What we're working on now:

  • Historical Calendar dates (Targeting this afternoon)
  • Ability to edit a band member's address and have it display correctly after edit.
  • Band member addition and removal process more intuitive.
  • Accepting P.O. Boxes as valid addresses. 
  • Pagination in the promoter inbox.
  • Better image management for premium gigs.
  • Re-ordering media: If you reorder your songs, it saves to the public profile, but when you go back to the "manage" view, they will appear back in the old order. 

Data Migration Status:

  • Band Song Lyrics - Done.
  • Historical Gig Submissions - Processing right now. 2013 - 2012 is done, history is processing currently.
  • Press reviews - Over 60% complete. Backfilling data after removing the 5000 character limit.
  • Calendar/Gig dates - Data is moved, working on the view.
  • Historical Custom Questions - Data is moved, working on the view.
  • Historical Submission Media - Done with < 5% errors, QAing now.
  • Profile Image Mapping - Coming later today. 
  • Performance Rights Organization Information - Coming later today. 
  • Submission Ratings - depends on pending promoter account fixes for proper mapping.
  • Submission Notes - depends on pending promoter account fixes for proper mapping.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the new system. The best way to report a problem you are having is through either our Live Chat system, or by filing a ticket if we are unavailable for chat at the moment. Thanks for your understanding.

(edited to fix the date.)

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