Update: 12/16/13 uploading media, applying to gigs, and using the calendar

Posted by Matthew Stein on Dec 16, 2013 12:44 PM
Matthew Stein

Hello folks, I hope everyone had a great weekend, and everyone was safe through the winter storms. Here's today's list of what we fixed over the weekend.

  1. Fixed error with underscores in vanity URL that prevented creating new gigs for some event types
  2. Fixed issue with submitting a draft application to listings that limit bands to 1 application (saving the draft was using up the band's 1 application)
  3. Fixed issue that prevented promoters without vanity URLs from managing their calendar. Promoter is now prompted to create a vanity URL rather than displaying a Hang Tight error
  4. Added ability for users to update their address in their user settings
  5. Multiple fixes for adding band members in dashboard and while applying
  6. Upgraded media uploader component to try to solve photo upload issues
  7. Updated Promoter Inbox to show migrated media submitted to application entries
  8. Added multiple tool tips explaining why we ask for specific types of information

Preview of Upcoming Fixes:

  1. Completed development of Migrated Calendar dates display component. It is being tested now and will be released later today (Monday.)
  2. Working on Profile updates including ability to control which page is displayed at the profile landing page
  3. Fixing issue where migrated bands lose their region id and can't apply to listings
  4. Fixing issue where bands without migrated credit cards are shown as inactive even though they have active subscriptions

If you are having a problem that hasn't been covered in these updates, please chat with our Support team so we can get it fixed for you. There's a live chat widget at the bottom of most pages, or you can file a ticket at sonicbids.com/contact

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