Update: 12/17/13 Calendar fixes, band member functionality and promoter inbox tools

Posted by Matthew Stein on Dec 17, 2013 09:16 AM
Matthew Stein

Here's a list of the things we fixed yesterday, and the issues we are working on today.  

If you are having difficulty logging in, please reach out to us on chat or through our support page. All accounts have been moved from the old system to the new, but some people had multiple accounts which needed to be combined. When you tell us about your issue, it helps us uncover problems that other people may be experiencing as well. 

If you see an error message mentioning NGINX and you are using chrome, clear your cache and cookies and try again. Chrome caches aggressively, and is storing something incorrectly causing this error to persist.

Yesterday's fixes:

  • Fixed collection of region ID's that prevented some users from submitting to a gig
  • Deployed Historical Calendar Date viewer
  • Fixed the bug that hid press reviews on About tab
  • Added helpful tooltips to signup and management pages
  • Fixed front-person toggle in band member component
  • More fixes for band member functionality (there is still an issue where newly added member shows up as a previous member but data is saved correctly and reloading the view shows correct band members)
  • Added Promoter Inbox tutorial
  • Fixed pagination in Promoter Inbox
  • Improved display of homepage and signup pages on iPad/Tablet
  • Fixed floating footer bug on iPad
  • Updated instructional messaging in Promoter Inbox header

Preview of upcoming fixes:

  • Better handling of discontinued Calendar Widget
  • Fix draft application flow
  • Working on Profile updates including ability to control which page is displayed at the profile landing page
  • Performance improvements (new features released yesterday afternoon slowed the site down considerably)

We will continue to post daily updates at least through the end of the week. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you are having problems not addressed above. We need to know about the issue so we can fix them. Thanks for your patience through this transition. 

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