Update: 12/18/13 Tracking support requests, strange characters in text fields and workflow issues

Posted by Matthew Stein on Dec 18, 2013 11:26 AM
Matthew Stein

Here is the list of issues we fixed yesterday and what we are working on today. If you are having a problem that you don't see addressed below, please tell us. If you haven't heard back from us on a support request you filed before today, please submit another request so we have all the information.

  • Fixed issue where requests from the Contact Us page failed to make it into our partner support system.
  • Performance improvements to legacy Sonicbids calendar view
  • Remove escaped HTML and extra formatting characters from band description in Promoter Inbox. (i.e. Special character apostrophes would appear as '.  We will reprocess the other text fields like Press Reviews to apply the same fix.)
  • Additional fixes for promoter inbox errors
  • Fixed issues with updating reviewed status in Promoter Inbox
  • Adjusted character limit in press review UI to match database limit so that it is no longer possible to load more characters from the db than the form will let you save
  • Fixed a band member dictionary bug that caused erratic band member updates
  • Fixed typo in default awarded band message
  • Added tooltip explaining why we need birth date

Preview of upcoming fixes:

  • Some bands are getting stuck in the Create Your Band flow on the Profile Setup tab due to a facebook URL validation issue.
  • Better handling of the discontinued Calendar Widget (Explanation on why this is being discontinued.)
  • Fix draft application flow
  • Profile updates including ability to control which page is displayed at the profile landing page.
  • Removing escaped HTML characters from other migrated text sections.

We will continue to post daily updates at least through the end of the week. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you are having problems not addressed above. We need to know about the issue so we can fix them. Thanks for your patience through this transition. 

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