Update: 1/7/2014 listing details, gig messaging, and instagram images

Posted by Robert Nicholson on Jan 7, 2014 10:22 AM
Robert Nicholson
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Here is the list of issues we fixed yesterday and what we are working on today. If you are having a problem that you don't see addressed below, please let us know.

  • Display event date range on Listing Details Page
  • Prevent user from accidentally creating two accounts by clicking the submit button more than once
  • Clicking the Sonicbids logo when logged in now takes the user to the dashboard instead of the homepage
  • Fixed typo in default awarded gig message
  • Only display event date for listings with an actual performance date
  • Correctly display double and single quotes in press reviews
  • Updated listings details page to explicitly show accepted genres or an "All Genres" label if no genres are excluded
  • Only collect Promoter requested contact types on application form
  • Fix for missing Instagram images in EPK
  • Stop truncating membership status on Missing Info page
  • Don't exclude listings without geolocations from Find Gigs search results

Upcoming Fixes:

  • Left hand context menu should default to collapsed state for Mobile devices and tablets
  • Don't allow users to delete a credit card that is in the dunning process for a membership

If you are having a problem that hasn't been covered in these updates, please chat with our Support team so we can get it fixed for you. There's a live chat widget at the bottom of most pages, or you can file a ticket at sonicbids.com/contact

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