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Posted by Matthew Stein on Dec 12, 2013 01:28 PM
Matthew Stein


Many of you have logged into the new Sonicbids platform and noticed that something is a little different. Here's an update for you. This covers what has been moved, what we're working on, and what to expect.

Data Migration:

These items should be visible in EPKs now. If you are missing data, don't panic. We have not deleted any data. It may not have moved over in the batch migration. Let our Support team know and we'll look into it for you.

  • All Photos
  • All Videos
  • Genres (Primary and secondary)
  • All Promoter Companies
  • All Promoters
  • 50% of Agent accounts
  • All open gig listings
  • All historical gig listings which had at least one entry (closed opportunities with no submissions were not migrated.)
  • Combined artist accounts with the same email lists (source of most common data issues, the error rate is still less than 1% of 40k accounts. 
  • All historical custom question answers, but have not been mapped to entries yet. 
  • Entry Migration is in progress. 
  • Mapped 80% of membership packages
  • Payment information (We are now PCI compliant, which means we are super safe.) For those of you interested, we are now using Recurly for payment processing

These are the items that we are still running right now. We expect the migrations to be completed by later tonight or tomorrow depending on a few factors. Again, if something is missing, don't worry. Nothing has been deleted or lost.

  • Profile pictures are being mapped
  • Calendar/Gig dates
  • Historical Purchases (Paid submissions)
  • Song Lyrics
  • Press Reviews
  • Submission History (for Bands and Promoters)
  • Submission Media (for Bands and Promoters)
  • Submission Ratings (promoter view only)
  • Submission Notes (promoter view only)

Special Cases: If you had a video that is missing from your profile, here's what likely happened. As we moved all the media, much of it had to be re-encoded.  If a video file didn't meet the minimum quality requirements, it did not get moved over.  You should re-upload your video with a higher resolution file. The minimum resolution for video is 640x360.

If you no longer have your original file, and the EPK version was your only copy, we've still got you covered. Contact our helpful support people, and let them know.  Our development team will go back into the old product and we will get you the file. Please understand that this may take a while for us to be able to get you one particular file, but we have not lost them.

Bug Fixes:

We have fixed the following issues:

  • Find Gigs page now maintains search filters when you collapse the advanced menu.
  • You can now remove yourself from old bands even if you are the last member.
  • Promoter Tools: Allows users to add themselves to a promoter group
  • Promoters can now remove images from a gig listing

Known Issues:

These are the priorities we are working to fix right now.

  • Bands: Ability to reorder media in your Profile
  • Mapping profile pictures to the way they were
  • Uploading mutliple videos: The page refreshes on video upload completion. If more than one video is being uploaded at once, the refresh will kill the second upload. Workaround: Upload vidos one at a time.
  • Fixing character limit messaging in band profiles (Specifically fixing the warning message behavior)
  • Ability to remove photos and other media in promoter inbox and applications
  • Expanding the size of press reviews beyond 5000 characters.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let us know if you're seeing other issues.

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