Make a Movie With Magisto, Play the Sonicbids Official SXSW Party

Posted by Matthew Stein on Feb 15, 2014 12:00 PM
Matthew Stein


Magisto -- the app that's made it easier than ever to create your own slick-looking music video -- is teaming up with us to send one artist to play the Sonicbids Official SXSW Party and receive $2,500 for travel and accommodations.

So what exactly does Magisto do? Basically, it allows all of us without cinematography degrees to create amazing videos. You start by uploading your own video footage or photo stills, and then you add a song and pick your editing theme. The app does all the heavy lifting of styling and editing, giving you a beautiful masterpiece of a movie with minimal effort. But be warned -- with so many different styles to choose from, creating videos with Magisto can get pretty addictive!

So, how will this help you play the Sonicbids Official SXSW Party? Here's the skinny: 

1. Click here to apply to the Magisto Battle of the Bands for free.

Once you've applied, you'll receive a message directing you to to create your movie.

2. Head on over to Magisto's website to register, and then click "create movie."

This is where you'll upload your video sequences and photos. Wondering what kind of videos should you use? We would recommend showing your fans a little insight into your life. Things can get pretty crazy on the road or backstage, so start with something that shows who you are and what your life is like offstage. Or, you could take some shots of the crowd from the stage at your next show. Basically, try to include something that has a unique perspective. Then, after you upload your footage...

2. Pick "rock on" for your editing style.

Magisto has several styles to choose from, but they came up with this one especially for this contest. You can always go back and check out the other styles afterwards.

3. Add the tunes.

Pick your best song -- the one that your fans sing along to at your shows. Or if you'd like, you could also give a sneak peak of some new material you're working on. Once you upload your track...

4. Give it a name that includes #SXSWsonicbids.

Make sure you throw the hashtag #SXSWsonicbids in your movie title -- this is very important! That's how they know your video is part of the contest.

5. Click "create my movie."

The hamsters start running as they go to work cranking out a sweet new video for you. Once it's done, they'll email you a link to check it out. And don't forget about the final step...

6. Share it with your fans!

The top 50 most-viewed submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges to select the winner. Spread the word far and wide to start racking up those views!

Click below to get the full contest details and apply. Good luck!

Join Magisto's Battle of the Bands

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