What Are People Listening to Around the World? Check Out Spotify's New Interactive Map

Posted by Michelle Lou on Jul 31, 2015 08:00 AM

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We all love to travel. After all, how great is it to get a taste of another city's food, sights, culture, and lifestyle? It's eye-opening, insanely interesting, and shows us how wonderfully creative people can be. And we get to learn about what makes each region so unique.

But what if we could also get a taste of each city's music? After all, as musicians, hearing different sounds and musical styles is what inspires us and keeps our creativity flowing. Well... the wait is over! Spotify recently created a musical map of the world, where you can click on any of nearly a thousand cities to hear an up-to-date playlist of the music that is most distinctively enjoyed there.

By "distinctive," Spotify means that the playlists include music that people in that particular city listen to a lot, which people in other cities don't listen to as much. So it is, exactly, the music that makes them different from people everywhere else. This means that, now, you can experience the music of any region of your choosing without leaving your own front door. You can draw inspiration from the music most popular in your hometown to fuel the idea for your next stripped-down, personal-story album. You can determine where certain genres of music are popular (and perhaps adjust your tour accordingly). Or you can just listen for fun. The possibilities are endless!

The playlists linked to the map are updated regularly, so rest assured that all the music is as current as possible. Click around and explore where your style of music is the most popular, or discover what people are jamming to lately in your area! You'll find so many unexpectedly interesting things while exploring the map. For instance, if you're a small-town artist with a big-city heart, you may be (pleasantly) surprised by the large number of country songs in the Boston playlist. Raise 'em up, Massachusetts!


Michelle Lou is an editorial intern at Sonicbids.

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