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New blog, new topics


Sep 30, 2013 08:30 AM

Matthew Stein

That's right folks, we've got an all new blog over here. 

New look and feel
Even more helpful content
Easier reading on mobile

We simplified the navigation to make it easier to find what's relevant to you.

Music Promotion

Advice and ideas on how to promote your music in today's techno-enabled world. Every musician is an entrepreneur today. Previously you have to hit the streets to promote your self. Today you still have to work for it, but a lot of it is online. 

This channel is about the best ways to get your music out there, to book shows, sell albums, and reach more ears. 

Booking Bands

Do you need musicians? Whether you're booking bands, DJs, singer-songwriters, folk groups, or any other performers, we've got them. Promoters use Sonicbids to book bands for events as large as Macworld, and as small as farmers markets or coffee shops. Clubs, private parties, weddings that want something cooler than a cover band, all of this is easier when you know whats up.

This channel has new ideas on how to use music for your events, selecting the right musicians, what to look for, and how do handle challenges that inevitably pop up in this business. 

Concerts & Opportunities

Upcoming shows, hot festivals, sweet gigs, and other tasty analogies. When there's a really amazing gig that's open we'll tell you all about it here. After shows end, we'll bring you pictures and videos that you can share with your friends. Sure, we're teasing some of you who may not have been able to go, but you can still enjoy it by proxy.

This channel highlights upcoming gigs and recaps from our favorite festivals.

Discover New Music

We live and breathe new music. We love finding that undiscovered or emerging band and sharing them with our friends (thats you!) Be the person who tells their friends about a new band that's coming to town. Catch these artists while they're playing intimate venues before they blow up. 

This channel features bands, playlists, original videos and interviews.

Sonicbids Product

Tips for using Sonicbids. We want to simplify the whole process of booking a gig or finding a band to play. Our software constantly evolves as we add new features, and this is where you'll hear all about it.

This channel shows how to get the most out of the Sonicbids software. 

What do you think of the new design? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments below!

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