10 Signs That You're a Gearhead

Posted by Dylan Welsh on Mar 6, 2015 08:00 AM
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pedalsToo many pedals? What pedals? (Image via jonnyshepherd.com)

With so much cool equipment out there, how could you not develop a slight obsession with acquiring the best stuff there is to buy? Real gearheads have figured out how to pick up all the stuff they want, while still somehow managing to pay rent and eat.

Do you think you might be a gearhead? Here are 10 signs that you might have the bug.

1. You have to desperately resist the urge to buy more gear

spongeImage via forums.oneplus.net

Rent might be due, but that amp in the window could disappear any minute!


2. You work hard to justify new gear purchases

i_want_this_because_of_reasonsImage via wantthisbecauseofreasons.tumblr.com

It's pretty easy to convince yourself you need it. The wife? Not so much.


3. You're the first on the block to hear about new gear being released.

Shut-up-and-take-my-moneyImage via shutupandtakemymoney.com

And you're usually the first to try and buy it as well.


4. Your friends try and give you a "Craigslist intervention"

craigslist-addictImage via laidofflawyer.com

It's incredibly easy for a gearhead to spend a few hours every day browsing the classifieds.


5. Your house starts looking like an episode of musical Hoarders

HoardingImage via corvallisadvocate.com

Cases and amps double as tables and chairs when not in use.


6. You spend more time at music stores than grocery stores

guitarstoreImage via namm.org

Which probably represents how you allocate your budget fairly accurately.


7. You feel like you need all of the cool stuff you don't own yet

want_everythingImage via beta.diylol.com

You might have three instruments, but none of them can do what the one you just found does.


8. The only reason you sell gear is to buy more gear

creative_sellingImage via domainnamesales.com

You should consider opening your own music store.


9. You end up owning some pretty ridiculous things

pikassoguitarImage via gigwise.com

Just having a cool conversation piece is worth it.


10. But at the end of the day, you've got the coolest gear out there!

guitarsImage via myweb.stedwards.edu

Now go show off at your next gig.


Dylan Welsh, a native of Seattle, Washington, grew up cutting his teeth in various club bands around the Northwest. Seeking a more diverse and challenging environment, he attended Berklee College of Music with hopes of gaining new perspectives and finding his own voice. Though music is what he does best, writing and journalism are other passions that he has kindled throughout his academic life.

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