25 Quick and Easy Social Media Prompts to Post in a Pinch

Posted by Suzanne Paulinski on Feb 5, 2018 06:00 AM

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One of the things musicians dread the most is keeping up with social media. With so much cluttering up our newsfeeds, it can become very easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of content and underwhelmed by the value of it all.

It’s also easy to fall down the rabbit hole of comparisons and fear-based-paralysis  you see another musician killing it online and you convince yourself you have nothing to say. Or you did, but someone else already said it, so why bother?

Any of this sound familiar?

The best way to move past the fear is to jump in and start getting to know who’s following you and allow them to get to know you in return. When you start to feel a part of a community, especially one that revolves around what you’re passionate about  your music  it can become rather second nature to figure out what to share next.

Until that time, feel free to use any of these prompts below to inspire a new post that's sure to increase engagement on your page(s). You can type it out, say it with a video post, coney it through photos, or however else you wish to express yourself.

Just remember two things: People engage when the call to action is clear (i.e., “Tell me in the comments” or, “Comment below with….”) and the post is relatable.

  1. Tell a story about how you wrote one of the songs on your album.
  2. Share 30 seconds of your upcoming single and ask for feedback. (Give context as to what it will sound like, who influenced your sound, what type of venue would you hear it in, etc.)
  3. Share a quote from a musician who inspired you and why in the caption, then ask your followers to tell you who inspires them in the comments.
  4. Post a photo that conjures up a feeling you get when listening to your music. (Explain why in the caption, and ask people to comment with a photo of their own while listening to your music).
  5. Post a photo of a musical hero, and explain how he or she has influenced you, then encourage everyone to post a photo of their biggest influence in the comments.
  6. Share a favorite memory surrounding the process of making an album.
  7. Share a 15-second video on Instagram about why you named your album what you did.
  8. Post a cropped piece of your cover/back cover, and caption it, “Full reveal coming soon.”
  9. Ask your followers who has influenced their musical tastes, and stay engaged with comments.
  10. Offer up a struggle you’ve had and how you overcame it. (Ask them to share their own in the comments.)
  11. Post a photo from a recording session, and share a story about the process.
  12. Share a rough/unmixed cut of a piece of a song and the backstory of what inspired you to write it. Tell your followers when they’ll hear the finished version (but only if the date is firm).
  13. Ask your followers for feedback on the title of the album – they don’t need to know if you’ve already named it. Make the actual name one of the choices and say, “Leave your favorite in the comments below, and I’ll reveal the chosen name next week."
  14. Find a quote that resonates with something you’re going through, and post it. No caption necessary. (Chances are it will resonate with your audience, too.)
  15. Share a favorite track from a past release (especially on #TBT).
  16. Share a memory/photo from a favorite gig with the time, city, and venue, and share a fact plus tag the venue where possible.
  17. Remind folks on one platform to follow you on other platforms along with the full links.
  18. Post a selfie, and make a declaration about what you’re going to accomplish today. Ask followers to make a similar declaration in the comments in solidarity.
  19. Post, “Making music for a living has always been my dream. What’s your dream? Tell me below in the comments!”
  20. Share a, “You wouldn’t think this about me but…” fact. What’s something about you that’s true that people wouldn’t normally assume?
  21. Post a GIF that expresses your current mood, and tell everyone to post theirs in the comments.
  22. Stand with a cause. Share a post from a charity that’s near and dear to you, and tell your followers why you believe this cause is so meaningful.
  23. Post a video clip of a song you’re listening to right now, and encourage your followers to post a link to a song they’re listening to in the comments.
  24. Post a #TBT of the first album you bought or concert you attended (for better or for worse) and dare your followers to post theirs in the comments at their own risk.
  25. Share a story about a difficult time you went through and how music pulled you out of it/comforted you.


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Suzanne Paulinski is a mindset coach and founder of The Rock/Star Advocate. She helps music industry professionals gain confidence and clarity in their goals with a healthy work/life balance. Her book,The Rock/Star Life Planner is now available on Amazon.

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