8 Bands Whose Gigs Went Way Worse Than Yours

Posted by Dylan Welsh on Feb 16, 2015 09:00 AM
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hatfieldfireEver set yourself on fire at a gig? No? You're good. (Image via pixgood.com)

Feeling down about your last performance? Maybe you blanked on the lyrics to one of your new songs, or perhaps you flubbed your guitar solo. Trust me, it could have been a lot worse. If you don't believe me, here are eight of the most embarrassing, crazy, and sometimes downright gross things that have happened onstage. Take solace in knowing that it happens to the best of us!

1. Justin Bieber vomiting onstage

justin-bieber-throws-up-on-stageImage via vice.com

Those dancers were just a little too intense for him.


2. Kanye arguing with a disabled person

I mean, this is bad even for Kanye.


3. Fergie not making it to the bathroom

fergie-peeImage via perezhilton.com

But big girls don't cry, right?


4. Mitt Romney trying (?) to show off his moves

Probably not the first choice for a guest artist...


5. Cymbal Boy dropping the ball

And yet he still recovers more professionally than the average local band.


6. Ariana Grande being attacked by a Victoria's Secret model

ariana_VSImage via dailymail.co.uk/Getty Images

Though, admittedly, there are much worse things to be attacked by.


7. James Hetfield going up in flames

Best to lay off on the pyrotechnics until your band can afford professional stunt doubles.


8. Kings of Leon getting pooped on

The bird folk have spoken, and they do not like indie rock.


Got one you'd like to add? Share it in the comments below.


Dylan Welsh, a native of Seattle, Washington, grew up cutting his teeth in various club bands around the Northwest. Seeking a more diverse and challenging environment, he attended Berklee College of Music with hopes of gaining new perspectives and finding his own voice. Though music is what he does best, writing and journalism are other passions that he has kindled throughout his academic life.

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