How SynchTank is Streamlining the Sync Pitching Process and Changing the Licensing Industry

Posted by Andrew Apanov on Jun 2, 2014 09:30 AM

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Guest post by Andrew Apanov from Dotted Music and We Spin, a marketing education platform for musicians.

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In this Stand Above The Noise episode filmed at Sync Summit Paris 2014, Andrew Apanov interviews Josh Allegro from SynchTank, a music management platform for the licensing industry.

Josh covers the specifics of the SynchTank platform, who it is built for, working with the likes of Disney, and the importance of keeping music metadata in order. He also demonstrates the platform and its features.


SynchTank's Josh Allegro: Streamlining The Sync Pitching Process

00:19 - Introduction and what SynchTank is

01:10 - Companies SynchTank works with

01:43 - Working with Disney

02:16 - SynchTank's target audience

02:35 - Demonstration of the frontend and backend of the platform

05:05 - Importance of keeping track of metadata for indie musicians

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