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Posted by Sonicbids Staff on May 2, 2016 10:00 AM

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for: your weekly recap of the top 10 articles on the Sonicbids blog this week! What are you waiting for? Click below to see the full list!

1. 5 Simple Things to Give Up if You Truly Want to Succeed as an Artist

shutterstock_304647095Image via Shutterstock

One of the first steps to succeeding as a musician is giving up your crushing doubt.


2. 5 Times Mistakes Actually Made Recordings Better

nirvana2Image via; used under Creative Commons

Some mistakes are worth keeping.


3. Conventional Wisdom I Ignored on My Path to Becoming a Full-Time Musician: Jeff Costello

Graveyard_drummer_2013.jpgImage via Wikimedia Commons; used under Creative Commons

This drummer has been playing for pay since he turned 22. Sometimes it pays to buck the conventional wisdom and do what works, not what's expected.


4. The Right and Wrong Ways to Interact With People at Your Shows

shutterstock_144671696Image via Shutterstock

Bottom line: don't be a jerkface.


5. How to Avoid Getting Screwed Over by a Venue

band_artist_diy_independent_booking_gigs_shows_concerts_guide.jpgImage by insouciance via; used under Creative Commons

These five aspects of every show are the most susceptible to going awry due to poor communication with the venue.


6. Ask a Publicist: 9 Things You Need to Do Before You Release a Single

shutterstock_380361340Image via Shutterstock

Whatever you do, don't leave these nine tasks off your single-releasing to-do list!


7. 4 Ways to Structure Your Practice Time for Maximum Effectiveness

3560809129_eb07d99d03_oPhoto by Tom Hart via; used under Creative Commons

Yes, your practice time CAN get better. Try these four tips to get more done in what little time you have.


8. Should Musicians Have a Backup Plan? 5 Reasons Why You Should Just Go for It

5640557375_602b064772_zPhoto by Ray_LAC via; used under Creative Commons

Maybe it's time to ditch your desk and go for broke as a musician.


9. 5 Easy Organization Tips for Musicians That Make a Huge Difference

to-do_list-1.jpegImage via; used under Creative Commons

It never hurts to be organized, and these tips make perfect sense to help keep your band in line.


10. Which US Music City Do You Belong In? Take This Quiz to Find Out

shutterstock_54497056Image via Shutterstock

Are you more New York or Los Angeles? Nashville or Austin? Find out!

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