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4 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Promote Your New Album

Take a cue from Foo Fighters when it comes to promoting your new album. (Photo by Kyle Gustafson)

Paradoxically, the internet has made it much easier to reach your followers but much harder to get their attention. Turns out that when everyone's shouting equally loudly, no one gets heard. This is especially a problem for indie music creators with no label money backing their marketing efforts. Social media's nice and all, but in order to stand out, sometimes you just need to find more creative ways to market yourself. Try one (or all!) of these four out-of-the-box promotional ideas for your next album release.

5 Underground Music Scenes That Might Explode in 2015

Photo by Desi Mendoza/Unsplash

Whenever someone mentions music cities, the ensuing discussion will usually touch on Austin, Portland, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, and if the list-maker's done his or her homework, New Orleans, D.C., Madison, and Athens.

There are plenty of other scenes, however, that have yet to get their due, remaining underground and seldom talked about. So, let's go over some that are overdue for some more national attention. Of course, I can't promise all of these scenes will explode this year, but as the industry continues to decentralize, I bet we'll be hearing about them a lot more in the near future.

Let's Get Visual: How to Keep Your Band's Identity Consistent and Memorable

Hence show off their color-coordinated outfits. (Photo by Kyrre Gjerstad)

Where would Pink Floyd be without their laser shows and inflatables? Gorillaz without their animated avatars? P-Funk without their spaceships and neon clothes? Or punk, metal, and hip-hop as a whole without their distinctive sets of visual iconographies inextricably tied to the music? Well, they’d still be great, but they'd definitely be missing something.

The first step to creating a visual identity is to stop thinking about it as a standalone marketing tool; it should intertwine with the music to create a coherent whole. Maintaining consistency becomes a lot easier when you keep that in mind. Easier yet is the question of what kind of visual identity you should establish for your band. Simple – it should reflect what your music sounds like and who your members are as people. In fact, many of the most effective band brands are simply visual metaphors for their sound or illustrations of their lyrics. For example, consider Tool's psychedelic imagery made to reflect the trippy themes and complex patterns in their music. Here are the key components to bear in mind as you begin to craft a memorable brand that's consistent across all platforms and marketing materials.

4 Signs It's Time to Quit Your Day Job and Do Music Full-Time

Image via flickr.com

Doing music full-time may be a leap of faith, but like any kind of leap, timing's crucial to keep yourself from landing on your face. Rushing into a music career can leave you out of money and with no recourse when the limb you stepped on turns out to be unstable. There's no perfect time to make the transition, but certain moments are definitely better than others. Here are four boxes to check before you finally take that flying leap.