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7 NYC Venues that Should Be on Your Radar

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Booking shows regularly can elude many artists. They submit emails and cold call venues, spin their wheels and waste hours without much to show from their efforts. Most of the time it’s because they are not working strategically. Remember to take into account the following parameters when determining if a particular venue is a good fit:

How to Sell Out Shows as an Indie Band in NYC: Advice From Trapped In Static

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When alternative rock band Trapped In Static started their music career in the heart of New York City in 2011, they were just like every other fledgling band in the big city: they had a hard time trying to figure out how to get people to come out to their shows, and they made mistakes along the way. But now, after learning the ropes of the indie grind, they're selling out some of NYC's best-known venues and expanding their fanbase to other parts of the Northeast. In this interview, they talked to us about their humble beginnings, how they use social media to get strong turnouts, and what it's been like touring outside of NYC. 

Top 5 Rehearsal Spaces in NYC for Bands on a Budget

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As every musician knows, behind the glamour of shiny new EPs, concerts, and music videos is a whole lot of practice. It should go without saying that practice is the foundation of your success as a musician; poor quality or infrequent sessions leads to unpolished sounds and unfinished songs. Choosing the right place to practice is one of the first considerations you have to make as a rehearsing band, and not all rehearsal spaces are made equal – especially on a budget, when every dollar counts.

If you're in New York City stressing out about where to get the most valuable practice session, fret no more, because we've got you covered with the top five rehearsal spaces in NYC for bands on a budget. Check it out below.

5 Crucial Factors You Have to Consider Before Moving to NY or LA for Your Music Career

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Every musician wants to base him or herself in buzzing surroundings that promote plentiful opportunities for creative collaboration. Therefore, it's no surprise that many artists who aren't from major cities around the country have lofty aspirations of hitting it big and moving to Los Angeles or New York City. Yet all of the motivation or talent in the world cannot hide the reality that not every artist is ready to make this next step. There are multiple factors in play that are necessary for every artist to put into perspective before making such a momentous decision. So before you pack your bags with visions of accomplishing all of your wildest dreams, be sure that you refer to this list and are honest with yourself by evaluating each factor when determining whether or not you're primed to make the big move.

6 of the Most Awesome Open Mic Nights in New York City

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Any beginner musician knows that booking shows can be extremely tough. Venues want to schedule acts with a following so they'll sell tickets, but one of the best ways to build a fanbase in the first place is to play live. It's a conundrum that all musicians have faced, and unfortunately, there's no easy way around it.

One thing that can help solve this issue is playing open mic nights. They allow almost anybody to perform, and if you're trying to make it in New York City, you're in luck, as there are plenty of options to get up on stage. Some cost money, some are at less-than-perfect times, but if you're serious about putting your music in front of as many people as possible, you may want to consider these opportunities.