OPPORTUNITY: Play the Coors New Legends Concert Series in NYC This Winter

Posted by Amy D'Aureli on Jan 2, 2015 10:00 AM

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The next stop for the Coors New Legends Concert Series this winter is Leftfield on Ludlow in New York City's Lower East Side. TurnStyle Music Group and Coors Banquet have teamed up to share original music from local independent artists in showcases throughout the city, and they've reserved 10 open spots for Sonicbids artists based in the New York metro area!

Dan Melnick of TurnStyle Music Group shared his excitement about the venue and the perks of the opportunity. "Leftfield may be one of the last real rock clubs in Manhattan," Melnick laments. "The Lower East Side is transforming with the recent closings of Tammany Hall and Ella Lounge. The scene has really taken a step away from what made the area popular in the first place. Leftfield is not only willing to remain grungy and take some nights to have punk and hard rock, but they also really care about the bands they work with.... They have backline and equipment up-to-date with backups in case something breaks (TurnStyle has donated pieces of equipment to help). They staff two sound engineers and pay them well to make sure every band gets the attention they deserve. They have drink specials so you don't have to drop $9 on a Heineken."

TurnStyle Music Group stands by DIY musicians and supports the Sonicbids mission of helping independent artists manage their music careers"Sonicbids has always been a great source of talent over the years for TurnStyle," says Melnick. "We find that bands are more professional when they create a quality EPK and get it in the right hands of the right people. Before even speaking with the acts through Sonicbids, we know we're dealing with bands that are ahead of the curve and want to go in the right direction."

If you're looking to apply and really want to stand out, Melnick explains that "a quality EPK is a great start, but make sure your social media is up-to-date as well. We also want to be able to listen to a few quality recordings. I actually like at least one live track as a talent buyer, so I know what the real product will sound like."

Another key tip? "Stay on top of your emails and thoroughly read and understand what any talent buyer, booker, or promoter sends you," Melnick shares. "We often run into problems with acts that not only don't read the fine print, they don't read any print at all and end up frustrated with backline and other details that [could have been] easily avoided."


Apply for the Coors New Legends Concert Series for FREE by January 13, 2015!

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