5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your EPK

Posted by Angela Mastrogiacomo on Jun 10, 2015 08:00 AM
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It's spring, it's spring! Can you believe it? Better yet, can you feel it? The smell of lilacs in the air, the way those chilly mornings are slowly turning to humid evenings? And what better time to do a bit of spring cleaning than, well, spring? But while you're digging up the garden and cleaning out your garage, let's not forget the kind that can change your career: electronic press kit spring cleaning! Check out these five simple tips for a cleaner, catchier, more dynamic EPK.


1. Get your facts straight

katieKatie Garibaldi's EPK is a prime example of bolding important names.

First things first: make sure you have all your basics filled out, including your genre, social media links, and a recent, appropriately sized photo. Keep your bio concise and to the point, bolding important accomplishments, venue names, etc. Get rid of anything that doesn't reflect the future of your band and the direction you're heading. For example, we don't need to know past band member names or info about a VFW show you played five years ago. Do include interesting facts. One of Muddy Paw PR's clients, Battlehooch, once played in an abandoned car factory, as well as a southern swamp. That's the kind of thing I want to see in your bio.


2. Upload music that reflects your sound now

jeffmichaelsJeff Michaels' music section is on point.

I know it can be hard to let go of old songs or anything you’ve poured your heart into, but try to keep your music section to your most recent songs/highlights. Get rid of anything that doesn’t accurately portray the direction you want to go in.


3. Pare down your photos and videos

YBIAHYoung Beautiful in a Hurry keeping it concise.

Media-heavy pages tend to lag, so try to keep your photos and videos to a minimum. Highlight your best work by keeping it to one, maybe two videos, and five to 10 high-quality photos. Don't forget to include your most recent album cover!

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4. Update your press clippings

battlehoochBattlehooch flaunting some well-deserved press.

Do not neglect this section! Getting press is always exciting, and you should absolutely showcase it wherever you can. Include as many press clippings as you can, but be sure you put the most notable ones up top, and try to keep your quotes to a paragraph or less. And remember, this section isn't for old shows or album info – it's strictly for showcasing what others have said about your music.

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5. Fill in your calendar

KatieSonicbidsKatie Garibaldi keeping it current.

Making sure your fans know about your latest shows is essential to creating growth and traction. Promoters and press want to see both your performance history and that you have new gigs lined up! If you still have shows listed from five years ago and nothing that reflects your current schedule, you're in trouble. Make sure you delete irrelevant past shows that aren't doing anything for you (feel free to keep in those that were milestones), and include future shows so your fans never miss a chance to see you live – and so that industry people know you're in demand!


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Angela Mastrogiacomo is the owner of Muddy Paw Public Relations. Muddy Paw specializes in working with up and coming artists on personalized campaigns designed to bring their careers to the next level. To date, we’ve secured placements on sites such as AbsolutePunk, Substream, Property Of Zack, PureVolume, Anti-Music, and many more.

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