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What Do These Kinds of Music Formats Actually Mean?

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Sure, these five music formats seem straightforward enough, but if somebody asked, could you actually give them a concrete definition? You might have a firm grasp on what a single is, but what about an EP? How about a mixtape?

This list will hopefully clear everything up and give you the knowledge you need to make a smart decision when it comes to what you should release next.

5 Ways to Get Cheap, Custom Album Art

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Every musician just starting out (and even those who have been working for years) is looking to save a few bucks anywhere they can. Artists are constantly torn between spending the most money possible in order to create the best music they can, while also trying to cut corners and make do with what they can afford.

One expense that many new musicians don’t think about when it comes to releasing music is album art. Every piece of music needs a gripping cover that will attract attention, but, as is the case with everything good in this business, that typically costs a good deal of money. It doesn't have to.

Is It Worth It to Release an Album on Cassettes?

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6 Important Contacts to Add to Your Band's Website

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Some musicians think websites in the age of social media are a relic of the past, but I would argue that they’re still important and that they're worth the time and potential expense. There's so much you can do with a website that can’t be done on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

One of the many essential pages you should have built into your website is the contact page. At first glance, you might think it would be mostly empty other than one email address, but there's so much more you can add that benefits you as a working artist.

4 Times When Playing for Free Might Be Worth It

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With record sales sliding and streaming payments still not quite adding up to a reasonable living for many artists, it often falls to touring to pay the bills. Sadly, though, even that doesn’t always work out. Performing live can be one of the most reliable ways to pad your bank account, but if you’re just starting out, you won’t be grabbing large advances and selling out shows (yet).

You need to work your way up to that level of success, and sometimes, that might mean playing for free, even though that means forgoing a portion of your primary source of income. It can be a hard realization, but the good news is that there are a few instances when standing onstage and entertaining a crowd for free can be worth it. Here are four of them.