Start Getting Press: Top 5 Niche Folk, Alt-Country and Americana Blogs for Artists On the Rise

Posted by Jhoni Jackson on Oct 15, 2014 11:30 AM
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Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 12.42.12 PMThe focus of Brooklyn-based Grass Clippings is to feature under-the-radar artists in Americana and bluegrass, but folk and related genres are also regularly featured.

There are so many incredible blogs championing independent folk, alt-country, Americana, bluegrass, and everything in between. Among the assortment are outlets based in Australia, Brooklyn, and California, which goes to show just how widespread the love for one of the oldest styles of music is. Whether you're a traditionalist or a more experimental artist, one of these is likely fitting enough for you to follow it regularly. None of them prohibit submissions or ask for payment, so give it a shot, and maybe they'll return the love.


Why we love it: Their goal is quite indie friendly in its nobility: to "help spread the word" about musicians they love who "don't get the credit they deserve." Formed in 2005 as a way to share playlists, the now traditionally extensive music blog (reviews, downloads, news, and more) features bigger artists alongside on-the-rise acts, so the latter gets a little helpful pull from the former.
How to get featured: They currently use ReviewShine, an artist-to-blogger service, for submissions. That website's shutting down on December 1, though, so the provided direct email address will come in handy. Find out more here.

Timber and Steel 

Why we love it: The team of writers curating content for Timber and Steel is greater than a lot of niche blogs. It's a blog focused more on content than its design, which is nice and simple. A few bigger independent artists are mixed in, but the spotlight is primarily reserved for lesser-known but promising acts. The blog is based in Australia, but their love for blues, alt-country, folk, and Americana is without geographical constraints.
How to get featured: While they don't exactly call for submissions, they don't have a posted rule against them. There's an email address on their Facebook page that might help.

Post to Wire 

Why we love it: Another blog based in Australia? Well, location doesn't matter much when their scope is this broad. Maybe a review of your live show won't be possible, but submissions from all over the world are considered for review. Like several other of these blog picks, commonly known artists are also featured – in this case, even icons like Lucinda Williams. Still, worthy newcomers in Americana, folk, and alt-country are very much welcome.
How to get featured: Since there aren't any guidelines listed, you'll need to use your best judgment (and our tips about press kits) when sending info to the email address found here.


Why we love it: Fiddlefreak founder Stuart Mason is a musician himself; he plays guitar, banjo, mandola, and he sings, too. This is a guy who's fully immersed in folk: touring with various bands and his own music, plus this blog, which he writes out of Los Osos, CA, are Mason's full-time gigs. Naturally, he's skilled in unearthing gems and writing incredibly well-informed posts about them. Many of his selections are not of the pre-packaged, mainstream-ready variety, but rather, genuine, bare-bones artists wholly focused on their craft.
How to get featured: Fill out the contact form found here.

Grass Clippings 

Why we love it: The emphasis of this blog is the "much overlooked world of Americana and bluegrass," but heaps of related genres, like alt-country and folk, are also given consideration. And while their roster of writers mainly live in Brooklyn, they hail from various parts of the US, so they've got their eyes on multiple local scenes. Keep this one in mind especially if your tour is routed through New York. They're big on show previews.
How to get featured: While no direct instructions regarding submissions are listed, there is an email address. Try reaching out there or to the writers via Twitter. 


Looking for the best niche blogs in another genre? Check these out:


Jhoni Jackson is an Atlanta-bred music journalist currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she juggles owning a venue called Club 77, freelance writing and, of course, going to the beach as often as possible. 

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