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How to Break Your Band Into the Diverse Toronto Music Scene

pencil icon Lisa Occhino

date iconOct 24, 2014 12:30:00 PM

tag icon Features, toronto, nxne, Promotion & Booking

Billy Talent performs at NXNE in Toronto. (Photo by Phil Brennan)

Unlike other cities’ music scenes, Toronto’s is made up of such a quirky history that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to define "the Toronto sound." When you consider that minorities nearly make up the majority, the diverse, multicultural influences on the music that comes out of Toronto actually make a whole lot of sense.

In recent years, so many musicians have become drawn to Toronto – and as a result, the competition has gotten incredibly fierce, with artists having to do more now than ever before to stand out in the crowd. So, what do you need to do to break into the Toronto market? We asked some of the most experienced promoters and talent buyers in the city to find out.

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Spotlight On: Half Moon Portrait

pencil icon Kathleen Parrish

date iconOct 24, 2014 11:30:00 AM

tag icon artist, Spotlight

Image courtesy of Half Moon Portrait

The members may not even be old enough to vote, but pop-rock band Half Moon Portrait is beginning to make a name for themselves in the Southern California music scene. Since their debut album Game of Life came out last year, the band has scored multiple licensing deals and radio airplay through Sonicbids, including appearances on The Real Radio Show, Skope magazine radio/TV, and The Indie Authority. Adam Garriott (drums), Daniel Martinez (bass, keyboards), Kyle Ramirez (guitar, vocals, keyboards), and Ari Shiller (guitar, vocals) let us in on how they balance their schoolwork with a budding music career.

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What No One Tells You About Booking Gigs in New York City

pencil icon Sonicbids Staff

date iconOct 24, 2014 10:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, nyc, Promotion & Booking

Television performs at Fun Fun Fun Fest at Rough Trade in NYC. (Photo by Chad Wadsworth)

Many bands dream of massive success in the Big Apple, but if you're not native to New York, how do you make it there, and by proxy, make it anywhere? It's no secret that NYC venues require a special brand of savvy wit to navigate through promoters, booking agents  even suspicious door guys. Luckily, Howie Schnee, co-founder of Creative Entertainment Group (CEG) and longtime NYC impresario whose company promotes over 1,000 concerts a year, is spilling the six secrets to book your next gig in NYC.

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A Musician's Guide to Balancing Work and Life [Video]

pencil icon Clare Lanaux

date iconOct 24, 2014 9:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, videos

Image via YouTube

For a musician, work and life are a delicate balancing act. In the video below, Matt Halpern, Periphery drummer and founder of online music lesson site BANDHAPPY, shares his secrets for staying sane as a working and touring musician, and advice on doing battle with tour schedules and writer's block.

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13 Things You Should Bring to Every Gig That Fit in a Shoebox

pencil icon Aaron Staniulis

date iconOct 23, 2014 12:30:00 PM

tag icon Columns, Angry Sound Guy

A perfect starter kit for any gig. (Image via Aaron Staniulis)

We all have things we need at every gig, always – but what happens when a cable "goes bad," or that nut that holds your keyboard stand together falls off somewhere between the van and the venue? Sometimes, you can fall back on the goodness of the other bands on the bill, or perhaps the sound tech for the night happened to bring something you need, but this is hardly something on which you should hinge your whole performance. Here's a list of 13 easily portable items to keep together as a "gig emergency kit" for every show.
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