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3 Habits of Artists With a Strong Social Media Following

2 Chainz is a social media pro. (Image via

There are many tactics that go into a solid social media marketing campaign, but tactics are just theories unless they're put into action, right? Even then, you need to ensure that these tactics become habits so that you maintain a level of consistency with your social media presence. Wondering which habits you should be forming, exactly? Well, for starters, here are three that artists who have built up strong social media followings all have in common.

How Does Winning an Independent Music Award Benefit Your Career?

Sophie Koh won first place in the Best Contemporary Song category of the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards. (Image via

The Independent Music Awards is the only international program that actively supports independent artists, giving nominees and winners unprecedented advantages in scoring placements, gigs, and revenue, not to mention radio, print, online, and broadcast exposure. Now in its 15th year, the IMAs are an extremely exciting opportunity for songwriters of all genres, as the panel of judges always features a huge variety of internationally successful artists as well as established industry professionals. Past judges have included Ziggy Marley, Tom Waits, Pete Wentz, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and many more.

With submissions for 2015 now open, we wanted to get firsthand insight from a past winner to find out how winning an IMA really affects your music career. We got the inside scoop from Australian singer/songwriter Sophie Koh, whose song, "I Understand," received international attention when it won first place in the Best Contemporary Song category at the IMAs.

Short But Sweet: How to Use Album Trailers on YouTube to Build Buzz

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We recently talked about the benefits of bootstrapping your album release promotion on YouTube through simple but effective lyric videos. Treating YouTube as the music streaming service that it is by using these videos is a huge benefit for drawing on search and discovery. With that in mind, we can take simplicity one step further with a well-planned album trailer to supplement your release. These short but punchy videos can draw a lot of attention when used the right way, ultimately expanding your reach and awareness.

Why Concert Posters Are Still Relevant in the Digital Age

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Often, it seems like a Facebook event followed by a series of reminder posts for friends is ample promotion for a show. While regulars at house shows and rock clubs know to check social media and venue websites to stay up to date on local music happenings, there are other audiences that can be reached the old-fashioned way. Out-of-towners and others new to a particular music scene who see flyers posted in public places or are given handbills can find out about shows they would not necessarily read about online. Read on to find out more about the benefits of utilizing show flyers outside of the digital realm.

When Should You Bring on a Publicist? Indie Band Amy & the Engine Shares Their Journey to Getting Major Press

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Obtaining a great amount of press isn't something that comes without hard work. Indie rock band Amy & the Engine has proven that with lots of dedication and an amazing team, securing press as an independent artist is entirely attainable. In less than a year of playing together, the group has scored features in magazines like Teen Vogue and performances at major events like CMJ Music Marathon. In this interview, singer, guitarist, and namesake Amy Allen shares her musical journey and offers advice to other Sonicbids artists seeking press, what to consider when looking for a publicist, and her thoughts on what makes an EPK the most appealing.