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5 Valentine's Day Gifts the Musician in Your Life Will Actually Want

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Valentine's Day is usually accompanied by chocolates and flowers, which are always nice, but why not change it up this year? Rather than sticking to the norm, check out these awesome music-related gifts to surprise your sweetheart or treat yourself. (After all, self-love is important, too!)

How to Rise From Personal Tragedy Through Songwriting

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"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." –Confucius

Some of the greatest and most successful songs were written after heart-wrenching moments in life. When you're actually in one of those scenarios, though  be it coping with a breakup, death, illness, or other serious life events – getting through the tragedy can seem impossible. At a certain point, we'll listen to those great songs that inspire us to pick ourselves back up and eventually grasp reality.

There have certainly been moments in my own life where the only way to get through what I was dealing with was through writing. I've been able to look back and see how I've grown and strengthened as a person and musician by choosing songwriting as my outlet. To make coping easier, engaging in a healthy, creative way to manage the aftermath can help you grow emotionally and musically, as well as move forward in your life and career. Here are some some steps that will have you on your way to writing a memorable song during difficult times.

Does Music School Impact Your Career? Berklee Alumni Brite Lite Brite Feel It's 'Essential'

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When two Berklee College of Music grads form any type of band, it's bound to be good. Brite Lite Brite, an EDM duo consisting of Lukas Johnson (producer, synths) and Andrea Stankevitch (vocals), are focused on creating interesting live techniques and real-time production. Having already opened for headlining acts like M.I.A., Joan Jett, and Ludacris at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest in 2010, and the Cure, Mumford & Sons, the Killers, and Nine Inch Nails at Lollapalooza 2013, Brite Lite Brite clearly understands how and where to be involved. Recently, Stankevitch discussed with us how attending Berklee influenced where they are now, plus what the pair's most memorable Sonicbids gig has been.

How to Make Your Bandcamp Page as Effective as Possible

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In the past 15 years, there has been an online revolution for independent music producers. With the aid of social platforms and DIY distribution sites like Bandcamp, the need for a traditional record label to "make it" is becoming a thing of the past. But how do you stand out? With the tools readily available to anyone with a computer, there are more and more musicians trying to have their message heard.

Here are a few tips and tricks that I've found work the best for setting your release apart on Bandcamp.

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Insider Info: 5 Things You Must Know About Playing NXNE for the First Time

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Still thinking about what it might be like to play the 21st annual NXNE Music Festival this coming June? With submissions closing this Saturday, January 31, we've compiled the ultimate guide to navigating NXNE with insider tips on what new performers and attendees need to know to make the most of their time in Toronto!