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The Not-So-Glamorous Day Jobs 9 Famous Musicians Used to Have

Do you ever feel frustrated that you're bussing tables when what you really want to do (and what you're really good at) is perform full-time? It's easy to lose hope when it seems like you're wasting time working at a dead-end day job. But have no fear! Some of today's biggest stars in music also had to work crappy jobs before their music gained any traction. Check out the not-so-glamorous day jobs that these nine famous musicians used to have.

How to Repurpose Common Apps to Promote Your Music

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How many apps do you have on your phone? Thanks to our smart devices, we have access to endless platforms that cater to every need and demand imaginable. While most of these apps serve one specific purpose, many of them can be utilized in creative, unconventional ways, proving to be a valuable outlet for inventive music marketing.

For artists, these apps serve more than their intended function. They're outlets for connecting with your target audience in a unique and memorable way, creating experiences that far exceed the lifespan of a Facebook post. Let's take a look at how musicians are creatively expanding their fanbases with the apps everyone is already using.

Grammy Award Winner Glen Ballard: Why Writing Music for the Mainstream Shouldn't Mean Conforming

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As much as we may want to lament the current state and homogeneity of mainstream music, it can't be denied that it sells – consistently. And there's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to make a lot of people happy with your music. Despite being an indie artist, you may be going for a sound that is enjoyable by all, and despite popular notions, you don't have to give up your individual voice in the massive ocean that is mainstream music. In fact, your unique flair may provide the edge you need to succeed.

Songwriter and producer Glen Ballard, who won a Grammy for co-writing and producing Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill, is here to help you navigate those waters. Check out the video below to get his take on creating truly noteworthy mainstream music.

The One Essential Tool This DIY Band Uses for Their Viral YouTube Videos (That You Probably Already Have)

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Being an independent band without major label backing means taking things into your own hands. We've known DIY has been on the rise for a while with home studios and self-planned tours. The days of a big record label picking up a little-known talent and funding them with professional studio time and big, elaborate music video shoots are pretty much over.

Chamber pop band Miracles of Modern Science (MOMS) has figured out how to make their own professional videos and recordings with simple tools that most people have, like an iPhone and a laptop. They've been able to prove that you don't need the best equipment or the biggest budget to create something worth sharing. It also doesn't hurt that they have over five million hits on their YouTube channel – so you know they're doing something right!

We had a chance to talk with MOMS about their perspective on and approach to DIY video and recording production, and how they've managed to make a career out of it.

What Are People Listening to Around the World? Check Out Spotify's New Interactive Map

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We all love to travel. After all, how great is it to get a taste of another city's food, sights, culture, and lifestyle? It's eye-opening, insanely interesting, and shows us how wonderfully creative people can be. And we get to learn about what makes each region so unique.

But what if we could also get a taste of each city's music? After all, as musicians, hearing different sounds and musical styles is what inspires us and keeps our creativity flowing. Well... the wait is over! Spotify recently created a musical map of the world, where you can click on any of nearly a thousand cities to hear an up-to-date playlist of the music that is most distinctively enjoyed there.