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Musicians: 4 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Channel Homepage

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YouTube might not have started out as a music service, but it's become one of the world's most popular ones over the years, and your music needs to be there.

Advertising revenue may be low, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to grab as many viewers as possible. It’s great to keep your fans coming back, but a well-designed, visual-heavy page will hopefully also attract new listeners, some of whom may become big fans of yours. Your YouTube profile page is sort of a home base for you on the site, and while people come for your videos, many of them will check out your page to learn more, so you need to make sure you’ve made it as perfect as possible.

Here are the biggest areas where you need to focus some attention.

5 Books Every Indie Hip-Hop Artist Should Read

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When it comes to music industry knowledge, it's a rare occurrence these days to hear someone say they learned something from a book. We have the internet and our smartphones to tell us everything we need to know about any possible topic. But the evolution of technology doesn't mean that you can't learn a wealth of practical information by reading the right books!

Hip-hop artists – like all artists – need to be properly equipped for what to expect in an industry that's full of high expectations, surprises, and business-minded folks who are either genuine or are merely trying to capitalize off your talent. If you do your research and read books like these five now before you get to a level where your schedule is jam packed with sessions and meetings, your music career will be better off in the long run.

3 of the Best Keyboard Controllers for Home Studios

Many people struggle with where to start when looking at the wide world of keyboard MIDI controllers to use with their DAW. Below are three of my top choices for anyone looking for a starting place. Obviously, no one choice fits all, and there are a number of factors to consider, like:

  • Do you see yourself using this controller alongside other controllers?
  • Is bundled software of interest to you?
  • What type of keybed feels best to you?

To try and compare apples to apples, we’re going to look only at 61-key models, as I feel this is a "sweet spot" among controllers for playability, while keeping things within a footprint that will work even in a bedroom studio.

9 Expert Tips for DIY Musician Success to Try in February

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The good news: it's still early enough in 2016 to get a jumpstart on those resolutions. Here are nine tips that you might want to include on your shiny new to-do list that come straight from the mouths – er, fingers – of our expert Sonicbids contributors.

Can Music Career Success Happen in a Rural Town? Here's Why This Indie Band Left Austin

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Austin, TX, is widely considered to be the live music capital of the country. So what motivated folky sister duo the Hello Strangers to move from Austin back home to the small rural town of Mercersburg, PA?

Most bands are planning to leave their small town for a music city like Austin, but it was actually homesickness that took the Hello Strangers away from the live music mecca. Through a contest-won record contract with IMI Records, they found their identity in their small hometown and honed their music exponentially. We had a chance to catch up with them to learn just what it was about being in a smaller music scene that helped them find their identity and grow their audience.