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Why It's Crucial to Declutter Your Band's Digital Presence

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One of the reasons folks like me can consistently work in music marketing is largely due to the fact that the digital landscape is constantly changing. It's constantly in flux with new media platforms appearing a few times a year and others fading into obscurity. In that kind of changing environment, it's all about staying current and concise. 

When I first begin working with an artist or band on their digital presence, one thing I always get asked is, "Should I be on Platform X?" or, "I signed up for Platform Y and Z but stopped using them. Is that okay?" While it's natural to hop onto new and trending outlets, it can actually be detrimental to your overall online image. Here are three insights in cleaning up your band's virtual junk online.

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10 Steps to Master Networking at Music Conferences

pencil icon Kaitlyn Raterman

date iconOct 22, 2014 11:30:00 AM

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This article originally appeared on Symphonic Distribution.

Too many of us leave conferences with a hazy memory of faces and a bunch of business cards of people we don’t remember. You swarm the big-name panelists along with 30 other eager hopefuls and confidently approach the hot-shot speakers, but maybe they won’t accept your card and act completely disinterested in what you’re saying. You meet countless participants, exchange cards and some casually random banter you hardly remember. After the conference, you follow up with every single person, but you receive little to no response. Life moves on. Why did you buy that multi-hundred-dollar ticket anyway?

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How to Respond When People Ask What Your Music Sounds Like

pencil icon Jamie Ludwig

date iconOct 22, 2014 10:30:00 AM

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The question, "So, what do you sound like?" has a familiar ring to most musicians, and for many, it’s difficult to answer. It can tempting to try to get it over with as quickly as possible and just toss out your genre (for many – your grandma’s friends, for example  that answer's probably good enough), but there are reasons it’s worth your time to put a little more thought into your reply.

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How to Keep the Buzz Going After Your Tour is Over

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A traditional album cycle typically follows the same steps: pre-release, street date, touring  at least as far as press is concerned. These benchmarks are easy to identify, and the work required is somewhat-clearly delineated. But how do you keep the hype going after the last step  your tour  is over? Here are four ways you can maintain some buzz, even after your wheels have stopped spinning.

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Top 5 Networking 'Strategies' That Will Make People Hate You: CMJ Edition

pencil icon Kim Kelly

date iconOct 21, 2014 12:30:00 PM

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New York City's annual CMJ Music Marathon festival is right around the corner, and I thought this year's music industry conference-slash-festival-slash-shitshow would serve as a handy setting for a round of sage(ish) advice.

CMJ is traditionally populated almost exclusively by badge-wielding, subway-fearing college radio kids, music business muckity-mucks of various description, and hapless music fans caught in their crossfires. The whole point of it is, ostensibly, to introduce or "break" new bands to the college radio audience, but it ends up being more of a citywide industry networking event fueled by free booze and youthful energy (but mostly booze). So how do you catch the attention of the "right" people during this weeklong bacchanalia? The same etiquette translates over to most big music business events. Every situation is different, but for starters, here's what not to do:

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