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5 Creative Social Media Contests Your Fans Will Love

When Jake Orrall (left) of JEFF the Brotherhood broke his hand in 2012, the duo turned the misfortune into a giveaway for fans. (via JEFF the Brotherhood)

A contest is a wondrous, mutually beneficial thing. Even at its simplest – say, a random giveaway – everybody wins. You're simultaneously promoting your band while giving back to the fans who keep your ambitions afloat.

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VH1 Save the Music Showcase in NYC to Raise Money for Music Education

Image courtesy of Deniece Dykes

Remember picking up your first instrument? Maybe it wasn't a guitar, but a clarinet  and it was probably at school. Music education touches every part of a child's life, from studies to social skills, and VH1 Save the Music Foundation works hard to make sure all kids have a chance to develop their own sound. Six lucky Sonicbids bands will have a chance to perform at the VH1 Save the Music Showcase at Pianos in NYC on November 6. Partnered with Sonicbids, this special benefit concert raises money for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, supporting music education. Paul Cothran, vice president and executive director of VH1 Save the Music, spoke to us about the foundation and the showcase  and the unique opportunity for artists.

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This Week's Top Music Gigs: Play House of Blues in Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle

Perform at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle

Trying to find gigs for your band? We've got lots of Sonicbids promoters who want you to perform! Check out our top opportunities this week, and then submit your EPK to anything that sounds like a good fit for you.

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The 7 Biggest Challenges DIY Musicians Face – And How to Conquer Them

pencil icon Christiana Usenza

date iconSep 15, 2014 12:30:00 PM

tag icon Features, diy

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A DIY musician not only creates and plays music for the love of it, but also masters the nuts and bolts of business management with the goal to share their music and, eventually, "go pro." Usually, one goes into the business with a burning desire to play music, not to manage social media accounts, organize shows and tours, build a fanbase, design merchandise and websites, manage a group of people, or become an accountant. To be successful, a DIY artist must have the entrepreneurial drive to overcome obstacles and do whatever it takes to create something out of nothingHere are seven of the most common challenges that DIY artists face – plus, ways to overcome them.

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5 Common Types of Music Publishing Deals All Songwriters Should Understand

pencil icon Hugh McIntyre

date iconSep 15, 2014 11:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, Licensing & Publishing

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Music publishing is something that many small artists don’t think about, and, to be honest, some of them don’t need to. If you're truly just starting out in music, focusing on getting the word out and racking up a good number of listens comes before delving too deeply into the complicated world of music publishing. Having said that, publishing is a very important (if less-than-sexy) part of the industry, and, if you’re successful enough or even just performing for any real length of time, you'll have to deal with it at some point.

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