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Live From Your Living Room: Meet the Artists Playing Our Concert Window Showcase on 11/4!

pencil icon Amy D'Aureli

date iconOct 30, 2014 11:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, concert window

Sonicbids has teamed up with Concert Window – an amazing online venue where artists can live-stream their shows (and collect some extra revenue while they're at it!) – for the first-ever installment of our Live From Your Living Room series. The online showcase, set for November 4, will feature four of our most talented acoustic performers. Let's meet the Sonicbids artists selected to perform a warm and cozy acoustic set live from the comfort of their living rooms!

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How to Get Your Music on Spotify

pencil icon Nick Moorhead

date iconOct 30, 2014 10:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, spotify, Tech

Image via

Spotify is quickly becoming the place where big influencers in music go to check out the newest stuff. And with over 40 million active users, having your music on Spotify can be a phenomenal way to get your music in front of new fans. Outside of people who search directly for your music, you can pop up under the "related artists" section of bands with more exposure, or even end up on Spotify radio stations. But how exactly can you carve yourself a piece of the streaming pie? Here's a handy guide to getting your music spinning on Spotify. (Just make sure you don’t upload blank songs, okay?)

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Spotlight On: The 4th Street Lilac Festival

pencil icon Kathleen Parrish

date iconOct 30, 2014 9:30:00 AM

tag icon Spotlight, Promoter

Image via The 4th Street Lilac Festival

From its humble beginnings as a local craft sale 26 years ago, Calgary's 4th Street Lilac Festival has grown into a huge annual music and arts event, drawing over 100,000 people. With the focus on emerging artists and hometown talent, Lilac Fest offers a fantastic opportunity for exposure. And the best news of all? The festival is currently booking 10 Canadian Sonicbids artists to be a part of the May 2015 lineup, who will all be compensated and keep 100 percent of their merch sales!

Shannon McNally, the festival's artistic director, gave us some insight on the growth of Lilac Fest, how they manage to keep the event free, and how Sonicbids artists can benefit from getting involved.

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3 Tips on Making it Big Without Sacrificing Your DIY Spirit

pencil icon Bobby Moore

date iconOct 29, 2014 12:30:00 PM

tag icon Features, diy

The Black Lips return to their roots with an invite-only show at the tiny 529 Club in Atlanta. (Photo by Bobby Moore)

While many underground acts are content to live solely by DIY means, like playing house shows or releasing records on tiny labels (or self-releasing their music altogether), some have larger goals. But will playing larger clubs, having a publicist and booking agent, and signing to an independent label with wide-reaching distribution rekindle the old debate over what constitutes "selling out"? It shouldn't – if the band is unwavering about their goals and remembers their underground beginnings. The following three tips are for DIY musicians who have dreams of reaching a wider audience, but don't want to forget who they are or where they came from.

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5 Hardcore and Metal Labels You Probably Didn't Realize Accept Demos

pencil icon Jhoni Jackson

date iconOct 29, 2014 11:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, record-labels

Relapse, the label that released Mastodon's early albums, still accepts demos.

While metal and hardcore get a lot of major label support, there are still plenty who've remained independent and continue to cultivate their prowess. Among them, there's just a handful that still accept unsolicited material from bands. Listed below are the cream of the crop, a benevolent bunch still proud to champion deserving up-and-coming acts.

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