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EP or LP: Which Album Format Is Right for You?

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This article originally appeared on the CreativeLive blog.


You're in a band. You've played some shows. The material feels strong and you want to start working on a record. But should you start out slow with an EP or go full steam ahead with an LP?

First of all, we'll skip all the talk of what constitutes an EP vs. a full-length. This is your project, and you'll know the difference between just a sample of your music or most everything. So which one should you do? Here are the best reasons for both.

The Most Important Thing You Need to Understand About Booking Shows

Don't get shut out by a talent buyer before they can even hear your music by failing to send a proper booking inquiry. (Image via

When sending a booking inquiry to a venue or booking agent who's never heard of your band, that first impression might be your last. A truly terrible email has the potential to permanently turn off the attention of those in charge straight away, rendering the awesomeness of your music pretty useless.

Do Your Live Shows Get Rowdy? How to Protect Yourself, Your Fans, and Avoid a Lawsuit

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A version of this article originally appeared on Performer Magazine.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this column is general legal information only and should not be taken as a comprehensive guide to copyright law. Consult your attorney for all specific considerations.

The same elements that make for a great show can sometimes turn against you. The combination of large crowds, loud music, dancing, booze, and a host of other elements are often a breeding ground for injury and personal liability. Whether it's a fight, a fall, a stumble, or a combination of all three, you'll want to make sure you're protected when accidents happen. If a problem arises, how do you know whether it's your "fault," and what you can do to protect yourself against a lawsuit? Let's dive into negligence, insurance, and playing live.

Singer-Songwriter Brooklyn Doran: How Supporting Other Musicians Can Benefit Your Own Career

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Being a successful independent musician means promoting yourself, taking advantage of gigging opportunities, and pushing your music to its fullest potential. But Toronto-based singer-songwriter Brooklyn Doran goes one step further: she maximizes her success by also helping to promote other musicians through grassroots marketing and promotion.

As a songwriter, her gentle vocals carry you away with lovelorn lyrics, warming acoustic guitar, and addictive melodies and hooks. With success landing big gigs and radio play, as well as leading her own promotional events, Doran has tons of valuable advice on how to push your success as a musician and promoter. Her combined passions overlap and inform one other, making her an exceptional up-and-coming figure in the music industry. We spoke to her recently about her best EPK tips, playing the famous Lee's Palace in Toronto, and how she uses Sonicbids for both sides of her music career: promoter and performer.

How to Work Your Way Up From Entry-Level Venues

One day, your crowd could be this massive. (Image via

Feeling stuck at entry-level venues? If you're consistently being turned down at bigger venues, it's probably because whoever's in charge of booking is concerned that you won't be able to draw a crowd. The key to changing their minds, then, is proving you've got a strong fanbase.