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The Backwards Method to Music Success

pencil icon James Moore

date iconJul 30, 2014 12:40:48 PM

tag icon Features, Promotion & Booking

The Weeknd (image courtesy of James Moore)

The following is an excerpt from Your Band is a Virus by James Moore, reprinted with permission.


The music industry has changed so much in the past 10 years, that there has emerged a "free path," or a backwards method of promoting, and this presents another way to go when approaching your website design. I present this as another option, as many people are tired of the “information overload” so common on the internet. When you provide something simply and directly, it can pay off, and people spread the word accordingly. Please note that this “backwards method” is my suggested method. While the sales tactic definitely works for many bands, I have seen many more forward-thinking artists make huge strides by making their music free and easily accessible.

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3 Creative Ways to Make More Money Gigging

pencil icon Dave Kusek

date iconJul 30, 2014 12:08:00 PM

tag icon Features, Promotion & Booking, Columns

Gigging and touring is the bread and butter for indie musicians today. Playing local gigs on the weekend with a few regional or national tours can provide enough income to get by, but there’s a lot more to gigging than performing and ticket sales. The fan interactions, collaboration opportunities, and merch possibilities open up a number of income streams for musicians. Let’s take a look at three creative ways you can use the tools you already have available to make more money at your gigs.

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Ask A Publicist: How and Why Should I Keep Track of My Press Coverage?

pencil icon Jason Baxter

date iconJul 30, 2014 9:30:00 AM

tag icon Columns, ask a publicist

Image via Henley Festival

If you’re a band that’s decided to tackle your publicity on your own, it’s crucial that you be as thorough and organized as any professional publicist would be. Beyond pitching for coverage and securing asset premieres, this means undertaking some more paperwork-y type responsibilities as well, such as keeping track of your press. Below, I’ll get into what I mean by that in more specific terms, and then highlight the reasons why this can prove helpful.

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Watch: The Novel Ideas Perform 'Mountain' in an UberSUV

Sonicbids and Uber Boston have teamed up to support local musicians with UberSessions, a monthly contest that gives selected artists the ultimate social media marketing package – plus a live set recorded in the back an UberSUV!

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This Week's Top Music Gigs: House of Blues, Pianos NYC, and More

Pianos NYC

Trying to find gigs for your band? We've got lots of Sonicbids promoters who want you to perform! Check out our top opportunities this week, and then submit your EPK to anything that sounds like a good fit for you.

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