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4 YouTube Channels Music Gearheads Should Subscribe To

Rob Chapman (Image via

There's no shortage of musicians with opinions on what gear or instrument is best. Debates on the best brand of guitar or bass are frequent within my band, and when you step into the online world, it's like stepping into the Wild West, except the gunslingers are ax-slingers. If you're in the market for a new guitar or amp, or even if you're just looking for new YouTube channels to subscribe to, we love the great advice, reviews, and demonstrations that these four offer. Let the YouTube marathon begin!

How to Manage Your Social Media While on Tour

Sam Smith posted this photo with the caption, "Philadelphia that was my favourite show so far, UNREAL." (Image via

Touring is an exhilarating opportunity for any musician to travel, play for new fans, and grow as a performer. You're given the stage in cities you've never been to, playing for people you've never met who came out specifically to hear you perform. It's a huge part of any performing musician's career.

At the same time, we've all heard the stories of burning out on tour. It's a tough job, and you're going to have to really work hard to be stable. In the 21st century, fans keep up with your music largely via social media. So, when you're out there every night performing your heart out and recovering each day on a tour bus, how are you going to manage your social media? Here are four tips.

So You Just Played Your First SXSW Showcase – Now What?

Your SXSW work doesn't end when you pack up. Making the most of your experience requires a variety of post-festival follow-ups. (Image via

Congratulations to all of the musicians who attended this year's SXSW! Whether you performed at festival-sanctioned events or unofficial parties, you should be proud of yourself for enduring the melee in the name of marketing. And while that's a triumph in itself, your journey isn't over just yet. Part of making the most of your experience is what you do after bidding adieu to Austin. Follow this four-step guide for help wringing every bit of usefulness from your stint at SXSW.

5 Cool Band T-Shirt Designs to Inspire Your Own

Last year, Dutch artist Nick Van Hofwegen was commissioned to design all art for Foster the People's sophomore album. (Photo courtesy of Nick Van Hofwegen)

With a virtually endless selection of printing services available online, you can turn almost any design into a T-shirt, whether it's your four-year-old cousin's fridge art or a commissioned piece from a revered artist. Below are five styles we love, created by artists from all sorts of backgrounds, and organized by what we think makes them successful. Check them out, and get a nice dose of inspiration for your own band's T-shirts!

7 Ways to Never Get Invited Back to a Venue

Keith Richards during the Rolling Stones' 1972 tour. (Photo by Ethan Russell)

You scored a gig? Several gigs? Oh, you've been gigging for years? Whatever the case may be, awesome! But newbies and seasoned acts alike are forever subject to the good graces of venue owners and booking agents. Maybe it's common sense to most, but it bears repeating: don't blow your chances of being invited back by committing one of these seven deadly gig etiquette sins.