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Nov 25, 2015 10:00 AM

Christine Occhino

12 Struggles of Communicating With Your Non-Musician Family Members Around the Holidays

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The holiday season is finally here! It's a time for jingle bells, hot cocoa, snow days, wonder, cheer! Oh, and the monotonous, repetitive, shuffle-mode of explanations of your life choices to your non-musician family members. Let this warm your heart a bit, friends; you are not alone! Here are 12 struggles we can all relate to.

How to Find a Music Publicist

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When you're ready to assemble your core team, it should include a publicist who will plan, strategize, execute, and create your media profile in publications and beyond. Here are the six best ways to go about finding and securing a quality publicist who will be on the front lines, carefully curating and supporting your image. Go into it understanding that all things are not equal, and a lot of factors play into a band and publicist creating a media profile. This is just a jumping-off point.

How to Choose the Most Effective Note to Start Your Lyrics (And Why It Makes All the Difference)

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They say that first impressions are everything, and the same can be said for your music. Make sure your songs are starting out on the right foot – er, note – with these handy, easy-to-follow pointers from Berklee's Jimmy Kachulis, who illustrates the process using the Beatles' "Yesterday."

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Nov 25, 2015 07:00 AM

D Grant Smith

Start Getting Radio Play: 5 of the Best Independent Hip-Hop Stations That Accept Demos

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As an indie radio guy, I'm a little biased towards independent music platforms that accept submissions and demos versus more commercial routes. In my experience, indie, public, and community radio stations are consistently more supportive and beneficial for reaching the right audience for your music than any other media outlet.

For hip-hop artists, the same criteria and methods of promoting your music are true as those in any other genre. What is specific to you is that hip-hop has historically been a music style that celebrates the underdogs who rise to the top, as opposed to genres like rock or pop that tend to celebrate the celebrity image of success. The rags-to-riches story is pervasive in hip-hop, with icons like Biggy, Tupac, Jay-Z, Eminem, Run DMC, and so many more surviving a rough path to find monumental success through music.

Many emerging up-and-comers like to compare their talents to these rap legends, but what helped them rise to the top was their hustle and the ways they sought out getting their music into the hands of people who would support and grow their names. This is a short list of the hip-hop stations and programs I'd recommend, in seeing how they promote indie artists and hearing their programming.

Should Artists Pay to Get Access to Influencers?

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Your music isn't being heard by bloggers, journalists, editors, or those in positions of power within the industry. Either you've been pitching them yourself, or you've hired a PR firm to reach out and get them to listen, but for some reason, it just isn't getting through. You're spending time or money (or both), but not getting any real results. Should you scale back your expectations for a response from the media and the industry? That might be possible; it depends on what they were to begin with. Should you stop trying to get your music heard by influencers? Of course not! Just because things aren't working right now doesn't mean you quit – you just might want to change tactics.