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Google Just Made It Way Easier for People to Find Out About Your Shows

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This article originally appeared on Billboard.


Finding concert information and tickets at Google is getting easier. The search giant announced Thursday code-based improvements to the ways official ticket links, event listings, comedian events, and venue events are displayed in search results.

Versatility Doesn't Cut It: Why Dance Music Producers Need to Brand Themselves

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As of 2014, electronic dance music has turned into a $6.2 billion global industry. Simultaneously, producing and making music have become far easier than when New Order dropped "Blue Monday" in 1983: old, physical, analog equipment has been replaced by easily accessible and affordable software. And with the internet as your audience, bedroom producers have taken the music world by storm.

Anyone with the acumen, then, has potential to become a dance music producer. But the bigger the genre becomes, the more sharp its divisions – even down to the BPM and type of synths used. Your sound is your brand – and thus the most important facet a producer has to establish.

5 Unusual (But Brilliant) Places to Play in and Around Austin During SXSW

The outdoor patio at Spiderhouse Cafe in Austin. (Image via

Practically every Austin business becomes an event space during SXSW. The immense number of artists, bands, and fans demands an overflow into nontraditional places – and we aren't talking just bars and clothing shops. Anything's fair game, as shows even spill into the city's rivers and lakes via boat cruises.

How to Measure if Your PR Campaign Was Successful

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If you've launched a PR campaign, there are several ways to measure how successful it was or wasn't, but the science is hardly exact. Know this going into it: you shouldn't be looking for quantifiable things that unfold in a set amount of time, because the measurement formula has changed so much, and it's no longer about record sales. You have to be able to understand the intangibles and things that live largely online.

How Did the Music Industry Do in 2014? A Look at the Numbers

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Now that 2014 is through, it's time to kickstart a new year with plenty of resolutions and new ideas of what 12 more months can bring. It also means it's time to look back at the previous year and analyze what worked and what didn't, who won and who lost.

Last year was tough on the industry in some ways, while in many other respects, it was great. Streaming took charge, while digital sales began to really slide. Vinyl surprised everyone, while brick and mortar stores took a beating. There are plenty of ways to spin the numbers, so sometimes it's best to actually just look at them for the data points as they are. Here's a quick look at how the industry fared in 2014 by the numbers.