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Feb 9, 2016 10:00 AM

Laura Goldfarb

The One Sentence Everyone Needs to Stop Saying to Artists

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Here on Sonicbids, our readers are primarily musicians and artists of all levels. We aim to offer advice and knowledge to help you build your careers. In this piece, though, I’m preaching to the choir in an effort to not only show you that we’ve got your back, but to maybe assist you in communicating with your fans and the public about a topic that’s sometimes tough or uncomfortable to bring up. Feel free to post this on your socials if you think it’ll help.

Musician Life, opinion

Feb 9, 2016 09:00 AM

Jonathan Hack

Musicians: Here's the Thing About Creativity That Took Me Way Too Long to Learn

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This is a perspective I wish I had long ago. Creativity is a funny thing. It’s arguably in all of us, yet it isn’t always easy to access. In fact, sometimes it's downright fickle – here one moment and gone the next. It occurs to me that we appeal to our creativity for so many things that it couldn't possibly keep up: fulfillment, release, expression, notoriety, escape, and money (to name a few). Perhaps the last is the most troublesome.

Get the Guitar Sound You Want: Cheat Sheet for Modulation Effects

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A great way to add an extra bit of flair to your playing is the intermittent use of modulation effects. Modulation effects are essentially time based, similar to delays and echos. What sets them apart is that various forms of alteration, such as detuning, oscillation, and modulation, are applied at different rates and intensities to create unique sounds and textures. The resulting sounds can range from something as simple and subtle as a light chorus to something as wacky and aggressive as a ring modulator.

How Much Should a Music Attorney Cost?

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An attorney’s advice could make the difference for you between a successful and a nonexistent music career. Legal fees aren't cheap, but they're a worthy expense in your career progress. The cost of attorneys does vary due to a variety of circumstances, so as you plan your budget, you should keep the following factors in mind.

9 Ways to Impress a Venue Talent Buyer, Even if You Can't Pack the House

NYC’s herMajesty can pack Pianos, but even if you aren’t on that level yet, there’s plenty you can do that can help put you on that stage. (Photo by Adam Bernard)

Everyone knows filling a venue to capacity, whether it fits 50 or 500, is the best way to endear yourself to a venue’s talent buyer, but not all artists are at a point in their careers where they can do that. How can an artist who’s just starting to build a fanbase get on those stages and develop those relationships with venues?

I spoke with eight venue talent buyers from around the country to find out what qualities make an artist someone they like to book, even if the artist might not be the biggest draw. According to these experts, here’s what you need to do.