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17 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

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When it comes to promoting music online, there are far too many channels, networks, forums, platforms, apps, and communities for musicians to be involved with to be present on them all. So rather than attempt the impossible, you should focus your efforts on a handful that are likely to bear the most fruit.

Why You're Not as Musically Productive as You Want to Be (And How to Change It Right Now)

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For the most part, musicians want to create as much music as possible with the smallest amount of stress involved. But as you know, it's never that easy. Sitting down and trying to write or practice a song can be a painstaking process.

Why is this? Music is something we all love, and we like to think that it should come naturally and without any negative thoughts. Well, it doesn't, and unfortunately there is no simple solution to solving your productivity dilemma. But just because there's no simple solution, that doesn't mean there isn't a solution out there. Increasing productivity is a strategic process of organization, dedication, and building good habits.

There aren't musicians out there who are more gifted in the art of productivity than others. They just know how to use their time more efficiently. You, too, can be one of these individuals, but first, you need to understand why you're not productive to begin with.

How to Be Your Own Tour Manager

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A professional tour manager comes on the road with a band to ensure the tour runs smoothly, everybody gets paid, everybody leaves on time, and the accommodations are taken care of. As an indie band, you’re probably not going to have a tour manager the next time you hit the road. Which is a bummer, because that means a lot more work for you!

Some bands have their touring sound tech perform tour management duties, which is a good use of personnel finances, but that may be a couple years down the line for most DIY musicians. So without someone to rely on (and blame things on), we indie artists have to be our own tour managers.

A smoothly run tour is now your responsibility, and yours alone. So how do you do it? Let’s find out!

Performing, Honing Your Craft

Aug 30, 2016 07:00 AM

Eric Bernsen

5 Ways to Get More Energy From the Audience at Your Show

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Many artists make great music in the studio but struggle to get an enthusiastic response from their audience during live shows. Thankfully, there are techniques you can use that will get the crowd involved and fully invested in your music. Try these five ways of getting more energy at your shows, and you'll leave a strong, lasting impression every time you hit the stage!

The Best Audio Interfaces for Home Recording

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Many, if not most, independent musicians have some sort of computer-based recording setup at home. It could be as simple as GarageBand with a single microphone, or it could be a full Pro Tools suite with a 24-channel board, iso booths, and drum risers.

But your stock computer is one piece of gear short of being a micro studio. That piece is the audio interface, which gets sound out of the room and into the digital realm of the digital audio workstation. It may handle both analog and digital inputs and also provide you with some headphone outputs to monitor yourself.

Before diving headfirst into reviews, YouTube demos, and testimonials on different products, read Sweetwater Sound’s comprehensive and helpful guide to audio interfaces. I found it concise and informative, and it only took a minute to read. This guide will clue you into some of the features and potential problems you’re looking at with these units.