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5 Signs You're Not Built to Be a DIY Musician

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Not every musician's goals are alike, so day-to-day efforts vary from person to person. But in almost any DIY career, none of the five points below will work to your benefit. If you identify with any of them, consider trying to adapt to their opposite – or accept their detrimental effect on your progress.

Top 5 Rehearsal Spaces in NYC for Bands on a Budget

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As every musician knows, behind the glamour of shiny new EPs, concerts, and music videos is a whole lot of practice. It should go without saying that practice is the foundation of your success as a musician; poor quality or infrequent sessions leads to unpolished sounds and unfinished songs. Choosing the right place to practice is one of the first considerations you have to make as a rehearsing band, and not all rehearsal spaces are made equal – especially on a budget, when every dollar counts.

If you're in New York City stressing out about where to get the most valuable practice session, fret no more, because we've got you covered with the top five rehearsal spaces in NYC for bands on a budget. Check it out below.

25 Ways to Get More Fans for Your Band Using Instagram

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This article originally appeared on the Bandzoogle blog.


Your fans have the attention span of a goldfish (less, actually!). So every time you engage with them, you need to hit 'em with a one-two knockout punch. The best way to do that is through consistent visual content. We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and since graphics evoke emotion, this connects you to your fans more quickly (if you have the right images).

The king of images and videos right now is Instagram. In a previous post we hit you with four tips to make your band's Instagram more engaging. Since then, Instagram has exploded, so here are 25 more ways to make your Instagram (IG) account work for you:

How to Score an Opening Act or Support Slot and Expand Your Audience

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This article originally appeared on the Disc Makers blog.


One way to expand your audience is to serve as a support or opening act for a better-known artist on multiple tour dates or one local show. These are choice slots, and many acts are vying for them, but sometimes you can get lucky and be in the right place at the right time. If you’re more interested in strategy than chance, here are three suggestions to help you land some of these choice performance slots.

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