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4 Tech Rider Rules All Touring Bands Should Follow

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Once you've finally reached the milestone of touring and paying gigs, your band will typically be offered a rider with items provided by each venue. Although the list can include anything (depending on your rock star status, of course), this list is most often a mixture of foods and drinks that the band wishes to have backstage before and after their performance. The tour rider is actually part of the bigger show contract, which includes terms and conditions, tech needs, sound, and setup, as well as a summary of payment. From Van Halen's legendary M&Ms rider to the most recent issue Jack White had with his guacamole recipe leaking, riders have a history of not only causing drama, but making the band appear ridiculous.

The following are some dos and don'ts when it comes to what you should include in your band's rider. Keep in mind that the less outrageous your band's demands are, the more likely the venue will invite you back.

Hey Artists, Guess What? You're Role Models Whether You Like It or Not

Britney Spears once declared, "I don't want to be considered a role model." Welp, too bad, Brit. (Image via

This article originally appeared on Performer Magazine.


I live, eat, and breathe music. For decades, that’s been the case. Music has long been a constant companion, one that’s seen me through countless experiences, both good and bad. In elementary school, I inherited my dad’s appreciation for the Beatles and the Doors. In middle school, my cousins introduced me to the Police and the Clash. However, my love for all things music-related really began to hit its stride during my high school and college years.

I disappeared into my headphones, connected with songs as if they were somehow written specifically to me, and pored over lyrics and liner notes. I latched onto a number of bands, bought and borrowed music biographies, and read as many articles as possible about the artists I was into. Nothing in life up to that point had resonated with me like music and the mystique surrounding those who created it.

How to Recognize the Thin Line Between Funny and Foolish Band Photos

Manowar (Image via

For years now, the internet has been littered with lists and websites devoted to horrible album covers and band press shots. Sure, these lists and articles are good, harmless fun and indirectly keep alive the names of certain leather- and spandex-clad metal and hard rock headliners of yesteryear (like Manowar above), as well as well-intentioned gospel artists. But who really wants their lasting legacy to be a meme? Read on to find out how bands in the digital age can have fun with press shots without setting themselves up as an eternal internet punchline.

Musician Life

Mar 3, 2015 09:00 AM

Dylan Welsh

8 Truths All Musicians Have Come to Accept

Late nights in a dirty club feel like home after a while. (Image via

The music biz is tough but fulfilling, and there are certain universal truths accepted by musicians who are in it for the long haul. And let's face it – some aren't so positive. For those dedicated few, however, it's all worth it for the sake of their art.

6 Insanely Creative Ideas for Your Band's Facebook Cover Photo

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With Facebook's timeline layout, your cover photo is the billboard of your social media page. You can use it to communicate countless ideas, pitches, concepts, or products. The difference between your cover photo and profile picture is that your profile picture shows up in user's feeds, whereas your cover photo only exists on your Facebook page. When your fans visit your page, you have a chance to communicate something important. So what should your cover photo look like, then? Switch out that trite band pic with one of these six creative (and effective!) ideas.