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Whether or Not You Want a Record Deal, You Must Do These 4 Things to Be Successful

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. (Image via

In recent years, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have proven you don't necessarily need a major label record deal to "make it" in today's music industry. That said, the duo had already been performing for a decade in their hometown, so their fanbase has had time to accumulate. When they released their acclaimed album, The Heist, they did so with the help of Warner Music Group's independent distribution company, the Alternative Distribution Alliance. This helped the album expand into markets the pair would have otherwise not had access to or an easy time navigating.

Regardless of whether you're hoping to be signed to a label or navigate your own artistic path like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis did, there are key things you must take the time to do either way if you want to make a living as an artist (assuming, of course, that you've already put in a significant amount of work on honing your craft). While the following are all much easier said than done, they're all completely possible to achieve as long as you incorporate them into your long-term goals and strategy!

How Can an Indie Musician Play 500 Shows Around the Country? Nate Currin Shares the Key to His Touring Success

Photo by Michelle Fader

Singer-songwriter Nate Currin understands the importance of networking and maintaining connections. As a result of his contact-building, he's played over 500 shows nationally. This past year, Currin won three IMEA Awards and released his newest album, You and I Are Ghosts. As he continues to navigate his journey as a DIY artist, Currin took the time to offer us great insight on how he overcomes challenges, understanding when it's time to incorporate a team, and career-changing gigs he booked through Sonicbids.

3 Creative Ways to Musically Collaborate With a Visual Artist

Rod Sanchez painting "Winged Painter." (Image via

The music industry is oversaturated with artists trying to make their mark. One interesting way to refine your artistry and expand your reach is to collaborate with a visual artist. Anyone can design an album cover or create a music video with a visual artist, but that's already been done. With a little creativity, you can combine music and art in ways that add a whole new dimension to your live performances.

How Much Should You Tour? Outerloop Management's Mike Mowery Answers Your Questions

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Touring is how an act develops and how a band makes money, grows its fanbase, and increases its overall visibility. In many ways, whether you're an artist or a band, you're really only as good as your touring game. In this interview with CreativeLive, Outerloop Management's Mike Mowery explains why touring is important and how to do it effectively – no matter which stage of the game you're in. He also talks about the importance of treating your music as a business and how to get noticed as an artist.

4 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Promote Your New Album

Take a cue from Foo Fighters when it comes to promoting your new album. (Photo by Kyle Gustafson)

Paradoxically, the internet has made it much easier to reach your followers but much harder to get their attention. Turns out that when everyone's shouting equally loudly, no one gets heard. This is especially a problem for indie music creators with no label money backing their marketing efforts. Social media's nice and all, but in order to stand out, sometimes you just need to find more creative ways to market yourself. Try one (or all!) of these four out-of-the-box promotional ideas for your next album release.