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How Did the Music Industry Do in 2014? A Look at the Numbers

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Now that 2014 is through, it's time to kickstart a new year with plenty of resolutions and new ideas of what 12 more months can bring. It also means it's time to look back at the previous year and analyze what worked and what didn't, who won and who lost.

Last year was tough on the industry in some ways, while in many other respects, it was great. Streaming took charge, while digital sales began to really slide. Vinyl surprised everyone, while brick and mortar stores took a beating. There are plenty of ways to spin the numbers, so sometimes it's best to actually just look at them for the data points as they are. Here's a quick look at how the industry fared in 2014 by the numbers.

How to Grow Your Fanbase With Fluence

Armin van Buuren at Ultra Miami 2014. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

There are thousands of ways to connect with your fanbase online and offline – from social media and email to house concerts and streamed shows, YouTube to PledgeMusic. This direct connection with your fans is great, but with every one of these platforms, the biggest challenge is reaching new fans.

10 Effective Ways to Deal With Your Band's Haters

Kanye is no stranger to haters. (Image via

The internet has given rise to a whole new type of hater – one that hides behind phony usernames, blank profile images, and unwarranted jabs and comments. While most haters are fairly harmless, some of them can be seriously damaging to your band if they're not handled correctly. Here are 10 damage control tips to quell that next unexpected hater on YouTube, Facebook, or your band's website.

Are Vinyl Subscription Clubs the Future of Analog Listening?

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This article originally appeared on Billboard.


Nick Alt anticipated the recent resurgence of vinyl pretty early on. For years, the Los Angeles-based musician and producer (he counts St. Paul Peterson of Prince's bands the Family and the Time as an acquaintance and did production for Pomplamoose's Nataly Dawn) has been buying two copies of every vinyl record. "I always buy one for me, and one for whatever this is going to be," says the founder of VNYL, a recently Kickstarter-funded rent-a-record service self-described as the "Netflix of vinyl," and the "this" to which he refers. "It's like the stock market, right? You invest a little bit here, a little bit there over time, and suddenly you have a ridiculous amount of vinyl."  

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