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3 of the Worst Gig Mishaps of All Time (And How You Can Avoid Them)

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If you're a musician long enough, you're going to have a bad gig – it's just a matter of odds. Sometimes those elements are out of your control – bad sound, no promotion by the booker, sketchy venue, etc. Sometimes it is 100 percent on you – not practicing, for instance, or having a meltdown onstage.

While you can't control everything, some planning ahead (or thinking on your feet) can keep a bad gig from turning into a disaster. Here's just a few bad ones, and how you can steer clear of those situations.

5 Ways to Impress Music Journalists With Your Promo Photo

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There's something incredibly powerful about a really good promo photo. The way it can capture the attention of music journalists, fans, bookers, and the industry at large — but it all depends on how much care you put into making it. The quality, the way your band comes across, and the story you're telling, all factor in. When you get right down to it, your photo is just as much a piece of your story as the music itself.

Before You File, Here's Expert Tax Advice for All Musicians

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This article originally appeared on Royalty Exchange.


April 15 doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Though most Americans dread the circled date for tax day on their calendar, we’re here to tell you that if you play your cards right you can actually make the system work for you.

No, really.

4 Ways to Murder Your Song

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You’re probably a murderer. I know I am.

A murderer of songs, that is. We’ve all done it, even the great songwriters.

These were songs that could have been great. They had potential. But, alas, they passed away before their time. It’s a sad reality, but it is a reality. Songwriters (including me) often kill a song that has a good chance of being great. They kill it by making some pretty common songwriting mistakes.

So, if you want to write a bad song that doesn’t engage the listener or evoke a strong emotion, do these four things.

How to Find Awesome Music Collaborators

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Someone once described collaborating to me like this: When you're writing by yourself, you're throwing a ball against a wall and catching it. When you collaborate, you throw the ball to another person – will they catch it? Fumble it? Throw it back to you in a totally new and unexpected way? Ultimately, it spices up the whole creative experience and makes you a better writer.

Unfortunately, not all co-writers are cut from the same cloth – some will be the best experience you've ever had, perhaps turning into lifelong friends. Some will make you pull out your hair, or feel you've wasted your time. So how to find collaborators that are a great fit? Here's just a few tips.