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4 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Promote Your New Album

Take a cue from Foo Fighters when it comes to promoting your new album. (Photo by Kyle Gustafson)

Paradoxically, the internet has made it much easier to reach your followers but much harder to get their attention. Turns out that when everyone's shouting equally loudly, no one gets heard. This is especially a problem for indie music creators with no label money backing their marketing efforts. Social media's nice and all, but in order to stand out, sometimes you just need to find more creative ways to market yourself. Try one (or all!) of these four out-of-the-box promotional ideas for your next album release.

3 Easy Social Media Tweaks That Have a Big Impact on Fan Engagement

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The New Year always brings thoughts of big changes and complete revamps when it comes to your music career, but I want to suggest a different approach. Instead of completely changing your strategy and mindset, make little changes gradually. Little tweaks in your social media strategy and simple messages, tweets, or emails can make a surprisingly large impact on your music career. And those little changes can add up to something game-changing.

5 Common Gig Booking Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Luis "Bz" Ocasio, bassist of Puerto Rican skate-punk outfit Diente Perro, at Club 77 in San Juan. (Photo by Elías C. Quintana Matias)

There are standards for written inquiries that bands and artists email to venue talent buyers, and they serve to streamline the process. Including all the right information up front cuts down the organizational back-and-forth which, in some cases, can go for days or weeks and reach upwards of 50 replies. And we're all busy, right? You'd think inadequately written inquiries would be a rarity but, unfortunately, they're sent on a regular basis.

What a Grammy Nomination Can (and Can't) Do for Independent Artists

Carolyn Malachi, Grammy-nominated independent artist (Photo by Samuel Copeland)

After honing her skills on the Baltimore spoken word scene and releasing two independent albums, singer and MC Carolyn Malachi received a Grammy nomination in 2011 for her hit "Orion" off the Lions, Fires & Squares EP. Once the whirlwind of being nominated for a Grammy ends, many wonder whether it's enough to make a lasting impact on your music career. We caught up with Malachi to discuss what receiving a Grammy nomination can – and can't – do for your indie career.

How to Pick Your Single

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Most people know a smash hit when they hear it, and it's usually instinctual  so much so that you don't question it. It's the song that gets the most fervent reaction and has the instant, can't-miss-it hook. You know, the hook that embeds itself in your skull for days, weeks, or months at a time – the one you sing in the shower, while driving, or doing other mundane tasks.

But what if you feel you've got several strong songs with both the hooks and the heart in your arsenal? While it's great to think about follow-ups, you have to pick the one to go out with first, so you have to make sure it's really the strongest contender. Here are four smart ways to help you make the decision.