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Watch: The Novel Ideas Perform 'Mountain' in an UberSUV

Sonicbids and Uber Boston have teamed up to support local musicians with UberSessions, a monthly contest that gives selected artists the ultimate social media marketing package – plus a live set recorded in the back an UberSUV!

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This Week's Top Music Gigs: House of Blues, Pianos NYC, and More

Pianos NYC

Trying to find gigs for your band? We've got lots of Sonicbids promoters who want you to perform! Check out our top opportunities this week, and then submit your EPK to anything that sounds like a good fit for you.

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How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck on Sonicbids

pencil icon Marc Secoy

date iconJul 29, 2014 9:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, sonicbids, Promotion & Booking

Over the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to use Sonicbids as an artist, manager, and now as a promoter. I’ve seen the Sonicbids platform evolve over time, and I believe it has reached one of the most advantageous stages for artists to connect to new opportunities.

We all know the term “starving musician” has some truth to it! Every penny counts when it comes to you or your band’s expenses. Playing music is definitely an investment, and you can rack up some serious spending between your gear, websites, travel, promo materials, and everything else that comes with being in a band. If you’re looking to maximize what Sonicbids has to offer you, here are a few tips to help you get the most bang for your buck:

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How to Draw in Promoters and Press With Your Band Bio

pencil icon Kathleen Parrish

date iconJul 28, 2014 12:38:38 PM

tag icon Features, Promotion & Booking

Smooth Hound Smith's band bio on Sonicbids

As a musician, having a bio is incredibly important. It's your opportunity to make a great first impression, no matter what stage of your career you're in. Giving interviews, gaining fans, playing shows – these all require someone to take interest in you or your band. Coming across a band who don’t have a bio makes it difficult to gauge who the group is, and often times press and promoters will skip over the band if they don't have much to go on. Here are some tips on crafting a bio that will draw in fans, press, and venue promoters.

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5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Buying Your Merch

pencil icon Jason Baxter

date iconJul 28, 2014 11:22:00 AM

tag icon Features, merch, Promotion & Booking

Seattle band La Luz's clever – and quite popular – band shirts

Selling merch at shows is an awesome way to supplement your earnings from concerts and record sales. I’ve learned the hard way that it takes some thoughtfulness, hard work, and diligence to actually make the most of your merchandising opportunities. Here are the five most common merch-hawking mistakes and my suggestions on how to avoid them.

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