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The Ultimate Guide to Touring in Europe: What I've Learned From 8 Years Performing Internationally

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One of the biggest questions I get asked from fellow artists is about playing Europe. I have been traveling in mainly western Europe and doing music tours there once or twice a year since 2007 (12 tours altogether, anywhere from two to six weeks long).

It's such a big topic (and I'm still learning), and because it's one that's going to be a bit different for everyone that gets to experience it anyway, I seldom know where to start. If we were real-life friends, you'd buy me a few drinks, and I'd tell you everything I can think of. But if we're virtual friends swapping advice back and forth (which I am always open to), it's too big of a subject and too long of an email. I never know where to start with folks.

But we have to start somewhere, so let me begin by saying that much of my specific advice about clubs and promoters would be limited to my genre of music: Americana and roots music. If you're a hip-hop, pop, hardcore, or soul artist – or any other of the thousands of subgenres of music – we aren't going to be using the same agents or promoters. Oftentimes, even the venues, towns, and countries can differ according to genre, too. There are, however, a few universal suggestions.

5 Signs You're Ready to Release Your First Full-Length Album

Imagine all of these people lining up to buy your debut album! (Image via

The first album you release sets up the rest of your career, and it can help you gain a lot of fans... if it's any good. Timing the release is important, because if it comes too early, not enough people will know who you are, but if you make people wait too long, the perfect moment might have passed you by. Here are five signs that it's the perfect time to release your debut album.

The Most Valuable Connections Musicians Can Make – and How to Actually Make Them

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At this point, the word "connections" has probably been beaten into your brain so many times that you don't even want to think about it anymore. But what does it mean to actually "connect" with somebody, and how does that really help you?

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Sep 1, 2015 06:00 AM

Nicola Milan

Top 5 Exercises to Warm Up Your Voice Before a Show

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Whether you're performing at a café or in front of a thousand people, an effective vocal warm-up is a crucial step to making sure you sound good from the very first note you sing. Without a decent warm-up, your voice can be susceptible to cracking, straining, raspiness, and sounding slightly off-pitch (i.e., flat), and depending on how much you've sung that week, your voice can take up to 60 minutes of singing to reach its peak (yes, that long). If your gig happens to be a single 45-minute or hour-long set, and you haven't spent any time warming up, you really aren't going to be showing the audience the best of what you've got.

So here are my top five vocal warm-ups that you can use to get your voice ready and performing at its peak, right from the very first word.

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