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How to Build a Studio-Ready Guitar Rig for $2500 or Less

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Though having nice equipment won't make you a better player, it's true that very good players could get held back if they don't have access to quality stuff. If you're looking into starting a career as a working, professional guitarist, you're going to need some pro-sounding gear in order to really get rolling.

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Aug 3, 2015 10:00 AM

Sam Friedman

9 Things Every Musician Loves to Hear

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Being an artist means being vulnerable. You're putting yourself on stage in front of strangers. You're exposing your personal life through your music. You're standing in the spotlight. While we can't all have the confidence of Kanye, we do need to believe in ourselves to make it. And let's face it – whenever we hear any of these nine things, it takes all the self control we have to not break out into a happy dance right then and there!

Why Indie Artists Shouldn't Say Yes to Every Opportunity Thrown Their Way

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Being blessed with enough natural talent to fulfill your aspirations as a professional musician is an extremely fortunate opportunity. Not everyone has the chance to live out his or her dream of making music as a career. So when artists come to that first realization of, "Wow, my passion is becoming my nine-to-five life," containing one's excitement about what the future holds is nearly impossible.

As a result, when artists begin to make initial progress in their careers, they tend to be trigger happy as new opportunities are presented to them. Despite this positive, enthusiastic mindset, it's essential for artists to learn to be selective with their decisions and only move forward with ventures that have their big-picture goals in mind. It may be difficult to pass up on certain deals after spending years working to reach a level where offers come your way, but showing restraint will ultimately benefit you and your artistic initiatives in the long run.

7 Apps That Will Make Musician Life a Million Times Easier

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We live in the age of convenience and efficiency, and our smartphones and tablets are probably the greatest manifestations of this cultural truth. Chatting with our friends, uploading pictures and videos, getting food delivered to our door, and much more is made infinitely easier with these gadgets – and why stop there? As a busy musician with a million different things on your plate, there are a myriad of apps that will make your life that much simpler. You'll probably be surprised to find what you can streamline or cut down on with just the touch of a button!

The Not-So-Glamorous Day Jobs 9 Famous Musicians Used to Have

Do you ever feel frustrated that you're bussing tables when what you really want to do (and what you're really good at) is perform full-time? It's easy to lose hope when it seems like you're wasting time working at a dead-end day job. But have no fear! Some of today's biggest stars in music also had to work crappy jobs before their music gained any traction. Check out the not-so-glamorous day jobs that these nine famous musicians used to have.