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5 Health Experts' Tips for Realistically Staying Fit and Healthy While on Tour

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Touring is an important aspect of any musician's career, but as you're traveling from state to state, crashing on couches, or quite possibly living out of your van, how can you possibly stay fit and healthy? Waking up in a backseat after having had a few too many drinks the night before isn't exactly a recipe for feeling great or doing your best onstage.

How to Get Your Music on the Big Screen as an Indie Songwriter: Advice From Angela Predhomme

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Could you imagine being in a movie theater watching a great film, and all of a sudden, your music comes rushing in to complement the scene? Or imagine you're at home watching one of your favorite TV shows, and there's your voice, your guitar, your song! Angela Predhomme, a folk singer-songwriter from Michigan, has achieved that dream. She not only knows that amazing feeling, but she also knows the feelings of rejection, mistakes, and failure that come as part of the package when you choose to pursue a path in music. Still, she's persevered and successfully submitted her music through Sonicbids for placements on NBC, PBS, and several big-name projects. Recently, we caught up with Predhomme to find out just what it takes to get your music on the big screen.

Must See: Aimee Mann's Brutally Honest Account of When Her Label Tried to Change Her Sound

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After 30 years in the music business, Aimee Mann has become one of the most iconic female singer-songwriters of all time. In 1999, she added "label founder" to her long resume when she broke from Geffen Records and started her own company, SuperEgo Records. Although the decision to break from a larger label is difficult for any artist, in Mann's eyes, it was a chance to reclaim her own voice as a musician and make albums that represented her perspective away from executives who complained her songs weren't "single-y" enough. Here's her brutally honest story of how she took back her music.


May 22, 2015 08:00 AM

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QUIZ: Which Music Industry Job Fits Your Personality?

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Recording, Honing Your Craft

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How to Set Yourself Apart as an Audio Engineer

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This article originally appeared on the CreativeLive blog.


Audio engineers often think they can do it all – including recording and producing. And honestly, that's what makes them so versatile and knowledgable about the ins and outs of making sounds. It often starts out modestly, with a stab at recording your own band's demo. I don't want to dissuade any engineer from taking that kind of work (especially at first) because it can be an incredibly fruitful learning experience and a great way to try out new production ideas you might not have mastered yet.

That being said, too often producers and engineers have a hard time moving beyond the weekend-warrior demo game and really honing their skills in the fine arts of production. As with any creative person, there comes a time in your career when you need to stop noodling around and begin to define what sets you apart from everyone else.