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May 24, 2015 10:00 AM

Sonicbids Staff

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For many Americans, Memorial Day means three things: one, no work on Monday; two, beaches open; and three, your white clothes can come out of the closet! (Wait, there's an actual meaning behind the holiday?) For musicians, however, it could mean fun barbeque gigs, an extra day on the road, or even a day off. No matter what your #MemDay brings, there's always time to check out this week's top 10 most read posts on the Sonicbids blog!

Recording, Honing Your Craft

May 24, 2015 09:00 AM

Ian Temple

5 Tips Every Musician Needs to Better Prepare for a Recording Session

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This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


This week, my band and I had a recording session for a new album and I was reminded, as I am every time we record, just how much preparation plays a role in a successful recording session. Obviously, you always hope to just show up and the magic will take over, and before you know it, you're going platinum. Sure, spontaneous magic can definitely happen in the recording studio, but in my experience, it's almost always facilitated by being above-and-beyond prepared for what you're going to do.

Top 4 Ways to Prevent Common DIY Touring Disasters

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Every band I know that's been on a DIY tour has some crazy story about a show, a drive, or a place they stayed where things went awry, and they had to quickly figure a way out of it before they got themselves hurt. I've definitely had my own share of van breakdowns, sketchy houses and venues, and encounters with crazy, sometimes dangerous people on the road. I'm still learning about how to avoid those situations altogether, but here are four tips I've received from other bands and lessons my own personal experience has taught me about avoiding disasters while on tour.

8 Ways to Make Your Practice Space Your Happy Place

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A lot of your practice productivity has to do with the space itself. We've all been somewhere where it's really hard to focus on being productive; you don't want your practice space to feel like that. Whether it's your personal practice area or your band's rehearsal space, a few hours spent making it well-organized and comfortable is time well spent. Here are eight quick tips to get your practice space in tip-top shape.

5 Health Experts' Tips for Realistically Staying Fit and Healthy While on Tour

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Touring is an important aspect of any musician's career, but as you're traveling from state to state, crashing on couches, or quite possibly living out of your van, how can you possibly stay fit and healthy? Waking up in a backseat after having had a few too many drinks the night before isn't exactly a recipe for feeling great or doing your best onstage.