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Dave Grohl's Advice on Being a Successful Musician

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First as the drummer of legendary grunge band Nirvana, then the frontman of his own rock outfit Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has learned hard lessons on what it means to "make it" in the music business. Now, with almost 25 years of experience under his drumsticks, Grohl shares a few key pieces of advice that apply whether you're a superstar musician or a singer-songwriter haunting the local pub. Check out the video below, and remember that even Dave Grohl had to start somewhere.

Easy, 5-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Band's Website

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This article originally appeared on the DIY Musician blog.


All winter my backyard has looked like one of those "north of the Wall" segments from Game of Thrones. Now that I can hear the faint trickle of melting ice, I'm just going to go ahead and declare that spring has arrived. Which also means it's time to take a fresh look at your band website and make sure it's up to date. Remember, most of the people out there who encounter your music will find you online. If your website looks… neglected, your visitors won't take you as seriously as an artist. Your fans might even stop recommending your music to their friends.

To make sure that doesn't happen, take five minutes or so to clean out the cobwebs, brush off the snow, or whatever metaphor might apply to you.

Adam Burrows: What It's Really Like to Be a Musician in Nashville and on the Road

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Just because you have a day job doesn't mean you can't make waves in your music career.

While working a full-time job in Nashville, folk musician Adam Burrows was honing his chops at writers' nights and playing as many shows as he could in the famous music mecca. From there, he managed to score gigs at major festivals like Music City Roots and Musikfest through Sonicbids, and with those experiences under his belt, he spent last year on an extensive North American tour as support for Australian singer-songwriter Stu Larsen.

If you're wondering what the realities of pursuing a music career in Nashville and DIY touring are, we've got you covered! Below, Adam graciously shares his perspectives, experience, and advice for other artists on landing memorable, career-boosting gigs.

Recording, Honing Your Craft

Apr 17, 2015 08:00 AM

Shane Mehling

5 Recording Mistakes All New Bands Make – and How to Avoid Them

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A version of this article originally appeared on the CreativeLive blog.


You finally have the songs, the time, and the money. You've picked the studio and the person who will record it. So what can go wrong? A whole lot. To make sure you only have to deal with the small fires that flare up during every studio session, try to avoid these following recording mistakes at all costs.

5 Reasons Why You Definitely Don't Want to Miss the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon

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The 2015 CMJ Music Marathon is a no-brainer opportunity for all independent musicians looking to break further into their music careers this year. Each year, thousands of artists perform in front of fans and music influencers from all over in New York City. It's an opportunity to hit big career goals, such as finding a lawyer, agent, publishing deal, etc. In addition, there are several learning opportunities with conference activites, panels, mentoring sessions, and more. And through Sonicbids, you can submit to perform up until June 25 – a minimum of 300 slots have been reserved just for Sonicbids members! Here are five reasons why you definitely don't want to miss this year's CMJ Music Marathon.