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13 Things You Should Bring to Every Gig That Fit in a Shoebox

pencil icon Aaron Staniulis

date iconOct 23, 2014 12:30:00 PM

tag icon Columns, Angry Sound Guy

A perfect starter kit for any gig. (Image via Aaron Staniulis)

We all have things we need at every gig, always – but what happens when a cable "goes bad," or that nut that holds your keyboard stand together falls off somewhere between the van and the venue? Sometimes, you can fall back on the goodness of the other bands on the bill, or perhaps the sound tech for the night happened to bring something you need, but this is hardly something on which you should hinge your whole performance. Here's a list of 13 easily portable items to keep together as a "gig emergency kit" for every show.
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How to Connect With Influencers When You Have Zero Music Industry Contacts

pencil icon Cortney Harding

date iconOct 23, 2014 11:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, Promotion & Booking

The ultimate influencers. (Image via

A few weeks ago, the New York Times ran a profile of theAudience, a firm that connects big brands to social media influencers. Gone are the days when a big ad spend or tons of radio promotion was required to break a band  now, a kid with a big Tumblr following can move the needle just as much as a spot on TV. But for artists who are just starting out and can’t shell out the big fees that firms like theAudience charge, reaching influencers can feel like an impossible task. Don’t despair, though – here's how you can connect with the person who might give you your big break.

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Spotlight On: NSAI Song Contest

pencil icon Kathleen Parrish

date iconOct 23, 2014 10:30:00 AM

tag icon Spotlight, Promoter

You could win a mentoring session with Warner Music Nashville recording artist Charlie Worsham. (Image via Charlie Worsham)

For 47 years, the Nashville Songwriters Association International has been dedicated to protecting the rights of aspiring and professional songwriters. This year marks the 15th annual NSAI Song Contest, presented by CMT. With a grand prize including a one-year, single-song contract with Little Louder Music, two tickets to the 2015 CMT Awards, and a mentoring session with former NSAI winner and recording artist Charlie Worsham (currently signed to Warner Music Nashville), Sonicbids artists are welcome to enter whether they're members of the NSAI or not. Shannon Gursky, NSAI's director of marketing and events, gave us some insight on this year's competition and advice for artists interested in applying.

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How to Find a Legitimate Music Lawyer

pencil icon Dave Kusek

date iconOct 23, 2014 9:30:00 AM

tag icon Features, Columns, Legal & Finance

Image via

There comes a point in every musician’s career when he or she needs to hire an entertainment lawyer. It’s an exciting step, but also a very important one. Most musicians go from never even talking to a lawyer to needing one to help with the biggest contract of their career. So, how do you make this big step intelligently and gracefully? Here are a few important things to keep in mind when finding and working with an entertainment lawyer.

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Why It's Crucial to Declutter Your Band's Digital Presence

Image via

One of the reasons folks like me can consistently work in music marketing is largely due to the fact that the digital landscape is constantly changing. It's constantly in flux with new media platforms appearing a few times a year and others fading into obscurity. In that kind of changing environment, it's all about staying current and concise. 

When I first begin working with an artist or band on their digital presence, one thing I always get asked is, "Should I be on Platform X?" or, "I signed up for Platform Y and Z but stopped using them. Is that okay?" While it's natural to hop onto new and trending outlets, it can actually be detrimental to your overall online image. Here are three insights in cleaning up your band's virtual junk online.

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