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May 6, 2016 08:00 AM

Sonicbids Staff

Turtle Pond Union Plays a Sonicbids Office Gig and Shares Their Strategy for Releasing Music

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If you're getting sick of your smelly, annoying bandmates, take a page from Jamaica Plain, MA-based duo Turtle Pond Union and cut that lineup down to two. "Being that it's only two of us, it makes it easier to be really up front with what we need, what we're expecting, what we can't deal with," said vocalist Meghan Knowles at their recent Sonicbids office gig.

You Need to Hear the Unforgettable Sounds These 5 Bizarre Instruments Make

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Grab a guitar, an electric bass, and a drum set and you have access to infinite possibilities. Different genres. Different grooves. Different tones and different songs. But sometimes you find yourself wanting something else. You need a sound that makes listeners ask, "What’s that?" You need a sound that changes the entire piece of music by its presence. That sound becomes your hook, the thing that makes you memorable. For moments when a showstopping new instrumental sound is required, here are five bizarre instruments you’ve probably never heard of. And now you’ll never forget them.

How to Land (And Crush) a Major Festival Gig: Advice From Sylvana Joyce

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Most rising independent musicians dream of playing their music in front of huge audiences. We think if our music could just get heard, we would surely make it big. After all, writing good music doesn't guarantee success (as much as we wish it did). It takes marketing and promotion to find an audience. One of the best ways for a touring band to get in front of new listeners is to play festivals. Drama rock artist Sylvana Joyce landed a huge opportunity when she was accepted through Sonicbids to perform at Musikfest, the massive festival in Bethlehem, PA, that attracts over a million attendees each year. Not only does it look impressive on an EPK, but it put her in front of tons of new fans. Below, Joyce shares how she prepared for and made the most of her big-time festival set.

These Are the Real Struggles That Foreign Artists Face in the US (And How to Overcome Them)

Having to change her name was just one of obstacles Fjer dealt with when she came to the US. (Image courtesy of Fjer)

Many consider America to be a land of opportunity, but for international artists, opportunity comes with some pretty big strings attached. The dream is to be able to pick a city, hop on a flight, and continue your musical career in the US. As an artist, however, moving to or touring America is a lot more complicated than that.

Make Life Easier by Pre-Planning These 5 Things on Your Band's Twitter

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As I’ve mentioned time and time again, pre-planning your social media posts is one of the best things you can do to make your life easier as a musician, especially while on the road. You need to keep up your presence on social channels, with Twitter being the toughest to work on constantly, and thus, the platform that’s best served by those programs that allow you to schedule missives to send while you’re busy thinking about other things.

But, what does one pre-plan? What types of content can be written days, weeks, or even months before they go live? There’s a lot more than you probably realized that make sense for this purpose. Here are five examples of what you should be scheduling on Twitter ahead of time.