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How to Find Studio Musicians

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Good help is hard to find. It’s true whether you’re looking for a good computer programmer or a skilled barista. It’s also true if you’re heading into the recording studio and need someone to help fill out your sound.

Hiring studio musicians isn’t just for solo pop stars and mega-famous musicians anymore. As the music industry has become more and more competitive and income sources less lucrative, many talented players are turning to session work to help pay the bills. That means that, depending on where you live, the talent pool is relatively deep.

There are many different reasons you might want to hire a studio player. Maybe you’re a singer-songwriter trying to make your vision a reality, or maybe you’re a producer and you’re looking for a unique sound to really make a song pop, or you’re in a band and your guitarist is too drunk to pull off the ripping guitar solo you need. Either way, there are plenty of resources for finding a hired gun.

How to Play in the Pocket on Guitar [Video]

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Learning how to play blues, jazz, or funk guitar? Haven’t quite found your groove yet? Watch this short video to learn the ins and outs of playing in the pocket on guitar with Berklee College of Music assistant professor Michael Williams.

Here's the Music That Inspired 5 Great Artists

Like the rings in a tree trunk, all any of us do in the arts is build another layer on top of what’s come before. We aren’t merely the sum of our influences; we contribute our unique vision and our experiences, too. But we owe so much to our predecessors, those who inspired us to play. Backtracking our own influences to find the music that inspired them is fascinating and can open up new worlds of entertainment and creativity. Here’s what some of the great artists we listen to have been digging. It feels appropriate to start with a giant we’ve recently lost.

Beatport Shuts Down Streaming Service: What Does This Mean for the Music Industry?

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On May 10, 2016, Beatport, the online music store primarily aimed at EDM fans, posted a notice to fans on its blog announcing that it will be shutting down its streaming services, Beatport News, its app, and its events section. This comes at a tumultuous time in the music industry when the fate of all streaming services, and maybe the industry in general, are uncertain.

7 Reasons Why Your Limitations Make You a Better Band

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In our current musical climate, it's becoming more and more normal for artists to start their career from the very bottom and build it up on their own. For example, Chance The Rapper just made history by being the first artist to chart on Billboard's Top 10 for a streaming-only album, which is free of cost and without the support of any label.

That being said, a lot of bands are struggling to survive. No one wants to be the starving artist, but the longer you stay hungry, the more you can grow. Having a successful, lucrative music career handed to you sounds like the dream of all dreams, but never underestimate the power of your limitations and how they can actually help you rather than hold you back.