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8 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Music Career Success

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Nobody has a lock on success, and nobody has a formula to guarantee it. In the music game, as with other endeavors in which people strive against the odds and try to perform at a very high level, there are just too many variables. Just like highly regarded sports prospects often flame out, musicians with all the talent in the world get overlooked. Others seem to rise despite themselves.

No one has a foolproof path to making it big in this business. But we know that opportunities arise, and they’re to be treasured. And we can capitalize on them effectively if we cultivate certain traits in ourselves…like these folks did. Here are eight ways to set yourself up to make the most of the breaks you’re given.

5 Guitars You Should Never Buy

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Maybe your first guitar was grossly inadequate, and everything about it was blown away by the next instrument you bought yourself. More likely, that first axe colored your feelings about how a guitar should look, feel, and sound.

Manufacturers are always pulled in two directions, trying to push the envelope of technology and playability while also striving to save money and increase their profits. That’s why each guitar is a compromise. Here are some compromises that didn’t work.

How Indie Musicians Can Build a Strong YouTube Subscriber Base

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This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


Maintaining an energized fanbase is one of the foundations for success as an indie musician — and if you’re active on YouTube, turning those fans into an engaged subscriber base is critical. YouTube is essentially free marketing! And even better, it’s a platform that can bring you all kinds of incredible opportunities.

What many musicians don’t realize is that video can be utilized in so many more ways than just uploading music videos once or twice when you release an album. Video is one of the most electrifying and satisfying mediums through which we interact with our fans. It’s like a rolodex of visual memories to attach to music.

How to Challenge Your Signature Sound (And Why You Should Do It)

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Whether you’re a singer, an instrumentalist, a producer, or an engineer, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time trying to “find your sound.” The problem is that sometimes finding your sound can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. Having your own signature sound can help you define yourself as an artist, but it can also make you feel trapped.

Do you really want to spend the rest of your career being known as “that alt-country band” or “that singer/songwriter with the ukulele?” If you want to keep pushing the boundaries as an artist, and don’t want to be defined by simple genre descriptions for the rest of your career, then sometimes knowing how to lose your sound is just as important as knowing how to find it.

So if you don’t want to become a musical one-trick pony, here are some methods you can use to “lose your sound.”

How to Use Streaming Services to Promote Your Music

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This article originally appeared on Dozmia.


You've recorded your album and uploaded it to music streaming platforms, but the only plays you're getting are from direct links you share on social media and people who already know about your release. Ideally, the streaming services would expose your music to everyone who may be interested in it.

Unfortunately, it isn't that simple.