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5 Reasons Why People Aren't Watching Your YouTube Videos

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Let's talk about YouTube.

We could talk about VidCon, which sold out 12,000 tickets a month in advance. We could also talk about the over-dramatized and sensationalized YouTube vs. indies misinformation war. However, it's so much more constructive to focus on growing your audience, serving your audience and monetizing your audience. Not only is YouTube is the largest streaming music service in the world, it allows you to use video to connect directly with your fans in almost any way you can imagine.

I hear you: "But I'm on YouTube and I'm not getting any views!" Here are five of the most common reasons why your YouTube videos may be getting ignored:

6 Contracts That Every Serious Musician Should Have

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Picture this: You’ve just finished recording a song with your co-writing partner. You’ve discussed how splits would work in the past. Let’s say you’ve agreed, “How does a 60/40 split sound to you for this song?” Your co-writer responds, “That sounds great!” Then, your friend at an advertising agency calls you the next day with a synchronization opportunity to have your music in a commercial for a large brand. They want to give you and your cowriter $100,000 for the complete use, and they need to know within 24 hours. You and your co-writer are both so excited, and she wants to know if she still gets 60% of the money... but you assumed that it was agreed that you get 60% of it. The delay from renegotiation causes the deal to fall through, and no one gets anything.

Throughout my career working as a musician, artist manager, for a major label, for my own label, and in advertising at The Orchard, I have found very few axioms. The most important one is that getting everyone on the same page is such hard work, it would be a shame to not have it codified in a contract, thusly negating everyone’s compromise.

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May 16, 2014 09:30 AM

Aaron Ford

Keep Calm and Clean Up Your Data

Aaron Ford runs the Digital Advertising department for music distribution company The Orchard. He also releases records and manages artists under Lost Colony Music. He has previously worked for Sony Music and Grooveshark.

“The State Of The New Music Industry”

“Streaming Cannibalizes Downloads”

“Pandora Steals From Songwriters”

Sound familiar? These are just a few of the headlines you may come across while you’re trying to gain actionable insights into what it takes to create a sustainable career as a musician, label or songwriter. It might not sound sexy, but aside from being damn good at what you do, none of these buzz topics matter as much as metadata, binding agreements, recordkeeping and other non-controversial topics.