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5 Strategies to Sell Out Your Album Release Show

Image via Pixabay

The weeks leading up to your album release are always an exciting time, but there's also a lot of pressure to deliver a strong product and make sure it's not forgotten about a week later. One of the central components in achieving a successful album release is the album release show. Serving as a celebration of all your hard work, you want to make sure the event runs smoothly, sells out (or at least comes close), and is remembered as a fun night had by all. Here are five ways to ensure that you sell out your album release show – and have a great time in the process.

4 of the Best Online Forums to Post Your Hip-Hop Music On

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Blog features, social media, and email marketing are some of the more popular methods of ensuring your music reaches beyond your local network of supporters. But there's one platform that seems to be underrated in its ability to attract new fans: forums.

An oldie but a goodie of the internet, online message boards are where you can find some of hip-hop’s most diehard consumers. Many of your favorite blogs have their staff lurking on these forums, and while they may be looking for high-profile album leaks, message boards also have the ability to break indie artists to global audiences.

To help you uncover these hidden gems, here are four great hip-hop forums you can share your music on, along with some advice on posting with proper message board etiquette.

5 Steps You Need to Take After a Band Breakup to Get Back on Track

Photo by Tony Fischer via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

It's fairly common to see bands who have worked together for years break up due to differing long-term goals or personal issues. Whether a band member leaves or the whole group disassembles, it can be tough to recover and recapture the chemistry of the past.

As hard as it may be to put your emotions aside, it's important to think practically and logically about how to move forward in a way that’s best for everybody. If you’re currently going through a band breakup (or think one is looming in the near future), here's how to overcome it and get back on track.

5 Sub-Genres of Hip-Hop You Should Know the Difference Between

Image via pixabay.com

As hip-hop continues to evolve as a genre, categorizing sub genres by sound or location is becoming a more and more difficult task. However, it's important to be able to identify different types of hip-hop in order to have a full grasp on how it can impact people in different ways.

Certain subgenres have more appeal than others within the realm of the mainstream, while music from independent artists tends to receive appreciation from all sides of the spectrum. In order to have all over your bases covered, here are the top five hip-hop subgenres you should know if you want to have a full understanding of the genre as a whole.

5 Common Questions From Aspiring Music Producers, Answered

Photo by Rebecca Wilson via Wikimedia Commons

Becoming a music producer can be more complicated than you may expect. Responsible for much of the nitty-gritty work and often receiving little credit for it, it can be discouraging for producers who want instant gratification for their long hours spent in the studio.

However, the only thing worse than being disregarded is being unprepared when your name is called upon by artists who expect you to be a master of your craft. In order to get you started on the right path, here are five answers to common questions asked by aspiring producers.