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5 Lessons All Indie Artists Should Learn From Chance The Rapper

Screencap via vimeo.com

If you follow hip-hop, you're likely to at least know the name Chance The Rapper and recall how he's become an indie darling of the rap world. Armed with a unique voice and a passionate fanbase cultivated over the past few years, Chance has achieved similar feats as hip-hop’s top heavyweights – and he's done so without a major label record deal.

Chance’s impact on the industry is impressive to say the least, and there are several lessons you can learn from his success. Even with limited resources, here are several strategies based on the Chance The Rapper model that you can effectively incorporate into your own independent music career.

4 Ways to Grow Your Music Industry Contact List

Image via Shutterstock

Spamming people on social media with song links or requests for contact info is the last way you want to promote your music. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of viable methods of respectfully networking with people both digitally and face-to-face! With proper communication etiquette always in mind, here are four ways to grow your music industry contact list.

How to Balance Being an Artist and a Producer

Image via pixabay.com

Artists who are able to both perform and produce are naturally at a huge advantage. It allows you to create in a variety of different forums, opens up collaboration opportunities, and takes pressure off from releasing too much solo material. However, it can be a challenge to juggle both responsibilities and give each side of your musical talent the attention it needs and deserves. Try these four strategies to balance the two, and you'll be in a great position to succeed.

Tunnel Vision: Why You Need to Tune Out the Bullsh*t and Stay Focused on What's Important to You as an Artist

Photo by Martin Fisch via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Long-winded, controversial Facebook debates. Sub-tweeting. There is an endless amount of social media noise that can hinder your artistic growth. All the gossip and arguments clogging up your timelines can either entertain or cause frustration, depending on the nature of the conversation. Getting swept away in unfulfilling arguments not only sucks up your time, but it usually is detrimental to your end goals. Ultimately, the key to staying focused on what matters to you is tunnel vision – and with the right mentality, you can avoid the typical music industry nonsense that will only bring you down.

5 Free Tools Musicians Should Use to Stay Organized

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Staying organized is half the battle to achieving success, and this is particularly significant for independent musicians. Artists on labels tend to have assistants and other people on staff working to take care of typical, day-to-day music industry work. Not everyone has such a luxury, though, and for those who have the responsibility of handling all aspects of their career beyond making music, organizational tools are vital.

Thankfully, there are plenty of free services to utilize that will ensure all of your materials are easily accessible and organized. End the days of not knowing where a particular lyric is written or what day your important meeting is, and check out five handy organizational tools that will decrease your stress and increase productivity!