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The 10 Most Widely Influential Synths Ever

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This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


What is it that makes a synth special? Well, the answer is complex: many people have fallen in love with the arpeggiators on Junos; others, the sound of several stacked analog signal paths. Obviously, any article written about the synthesizer is going to be subjective; there’s no way around the fact that certain sounds sound better or worse to different ears. So caveat emptor: this list is subjective!

That being said, there are some synths that have shimmered through the noise, so to speak, and have distinguished themselves as true, influential classics. In this piece, I’ll take you through some of those, and explain just what’s so special about each of them.

Honing Your Craft, production

Feb 23, 2016 09:00 AM

Myles Avery

5 Free Synth Plugins to Help You Hone Your Synth Sound

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This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


So, you’ve made the resolution to dive deeper into your productions. You want to move away from the stock offerings in your DAW and experiment more to arrive at new sounds and new ways of getting creatively energized. Don’t worry, we’re in the same boat, and I’m here to help you get started.

What Exactly Does 'Producer' Mean in 2015?

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This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


Music production. The term likely conjures mythical images of Sir George Martin running frantically around Abbey Road Studios or Phil Spector conducting a massive orchestra. In their time, the term "record producer" simply referred to the person overseeing the completion of the musical product. Given the myriad music-making tools at our disposal today, however, this once-simple definition has become diluted and confused. So let's clear up a lot of common confusion around the modern record producer's roles, responsibilities, and duties.