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10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Music Conferences

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A few weekends ago, I took a drive down to Milwaukee, WI, to attend the Yellow Phone Music Conference. Besides amazing performances, it featured boatloads of great panels and panelists, and tons of insight on the music industry. But, all the action reminded me that being at a conference can be overwhelming at times. If you prepare yourself and keep your mind in gear, however, you’ll find that conferences can be a very valuable experience. Here are 10 tips to enhance your next conference experience.

Should Artists Accept Gratis Licenses for Film and TV Placements?

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Guest post by Patrick Hertz of Tinderbox, a music promotion and distribution company.


Licensing your music for use with television shows, movies, advertisements and video games, is arguably the best way to market your music in today’s music industry. It’s also one of the few ways artists are still making an income from their music. Look at bands like American Authors, Imagine Dragons and Santigold – their placements in advertisements took them from being indie artists to becoming superstars practically overnight, and it’s safe to say that the companies that used their music paid them a pretty penny for it.

Of course, not all placements or sync licenses are made the same. The payment and clout of a placement will be directly related to the caliber of the TV show/movie/game. You have to understand that, as an indie artist, you’re probably not going to come out of the gate with a big advertisement license for your first offer. Realistically, you’re going to need to start by grabbing onto the accessible throngs at the bottom of the ladder to make your way to the top.

9 Strategies Your Band Should Use to Gain (And Keep) Twitter Followers

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Guest post by Patrick Hertz of Tinderbox, a music promotion and distribution company.

As you (hopefully) know by now, Twitter is one of the best online marketing tools you can have in your band’s toolbox. It’s a free and simple way to communicate directly with your fans, but you’ve got to be strategic about when and how you use it to really make it an effective platform for fostering your fanbase. Here are nine strategies to make your Tweets count:

How to Get Your Music Played on College Radio (And Why It’s So Important for Indie Artists)

College radio is a unique mix of non-commercial stations that range from small-watt student-run operations to huge, vastly influential public and/or community stations. This spectrum allows for most any independent artist to find terrestrial radio airplay – that is, of course, if the music is good. CMJ defines the parameters for which non-commercial stations we can consider "college market" stations.