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10 Tips for Designing Album Art in the Digital Age

Image via wired.com

This article originally appeared on The DIY Musician.

An album represents a chapter in your creative life. You put lots of emotion, time, energy, and money into the recording, mixing, and mastering process, and now it’s time to package that music up (as an LP, CD, download, stream, etc.) and deliver it to the world. Here’s the thing, though: most independent artists can only afford to have one set of designs for their album packaging and cover art. For most listeners, a single square-ish image will forever represent the collection of songs that comprise your album. So you’ve got to communicate an awful lot with that album art.

How to Make an Impact With Your Album Artwork

Once upon a time, it was pretty uncommon to preview tracks before committing your cash to the whole shebang. Particularly in the heyday of CDs, your best bet was a store’s listening station, and it was typically limited to whatever discs were already loaded, and it always seemed to be occupied anyway. Preexisting knowledge of an artist was usually reliable but, without that, you were kind of shopping blindly – save for the album artwork.