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Ariel Hyatt's Twitter Mini-Masterclass for Musicians: Watch This 15-Minute Video for Everything You Need to Know

Screenshot via YouTube

Still confused about how to most effectively reach fans on Twitter? You're not the only one. In this quick 15-minute masterclass from Cyber PR's Ariel Hyatt, you'll learn everything there is to know to get up and running, and start engaging with people in 140 characters!

4 Exceptional Musician Twitter Accounts You Can Learn From

Toya Delazy. (Image via facebook.com)

If all your Twitter posts come courtesy of an automated concert announcement service, you're doing it wrong. While Instagram has definitely become a powerhouse platform for independent artists, Twitter is still very much an exceptionally useful tool in gaining and engaging fans. Below are four Sonicbids artists making stellar use of the service. If your feed's gone boring, consider their top-notch methods and how they might work to reinvigorate your Twitter presence.

5 Music Writers You Should Follow on Twitter Immediately

Kim Kelly. (Image via blastbeat.us)

There's a super handy list-making function on Twitter – you all know that, right? You've probably already bunched together your favorite media folksright? If you haven't or want to build your virtual network, here are five must-follow writers to get you started.

5 Music Industry Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter Immediately: SXSW Edition

Sonicbids contributor and Riot Act Media rep Alyssa DeHayes has confirmed she'll be in the trenches of SXSW this year. Photo courtesy of Alyssa DeHayes.

To anyone who thinks SXSW is a ways off: get it together! Planning begins so far ahead of the March festival that it practically starts while the current fest is ongoing. The perfectly pandemoniac event begins less than two months from now so, needless to say, loads of artists have already been announced, and a slew of influential media folks, of course, have already confirmed attendance.

Below are five crucial constituents of the independent music scene, all of whom are pretty much guaranteed to miraculously tweet a thorough SXSW play-by-play, despite the fest's inevitably chaotic atmosphere.

Why Twitter Should Not Be the New Press Release

Photo via mashable.com

Twitter is a critically important social media tool for every band. If you're not using it, you're missing out. Twitter is fast, efficient, and gets the point across in 140-character transmissions. It cuts through the digital ether, and God knows we're all wading in that. It's the very epitome of less is more. But even though it's a direct connection with your fans and the media, Twitter should not and cannot replace a press release as the preferred way to share official, important information. It shouldn't be a source of information until after the press release has been unleashed and serviced via proper channels. ority when you have big news to share. Twitter is not and should not be the new press release.