6 Sonicbids Artists Share Their Biggest New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Bobby Moore on Dec 30, 2014 10:00 AM
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Since musicians are constantly working to improve their craft or give back to the communities that support their music, it's no surprise that when asked, many can swiftly provide a New Year's resolution. And since songwriting and performance are about execution, these musicians have plans to make their personal pacts happen. Read on to get inspired for the new year, and then tell us what your New Year's resolution is in the comments below!


Rod Hamdallah (Atlanta, GA, blues guitarist and vocalist)

rod hamdallahPhoto by Bobby Moore

"I plan on writing more songs and playing more shows. I bought an old typewriter and plan on sitting at it every day and coming up with songs and stories. I would like to take it on tour with me, too."


ShiSho (Kent, OH, comedic punk duo)

shishoImage via facebook.com

"Ours is twofold: to make more of an impact on people our own age in our community and to write and release a full-length album. I know we've been talking about that second one for ages, but 2015 is our year, baby! We plan to make these wishes come true through hard work, dedication, improvisation, lightning-fast reflexes, the ability to drink a bottle of water in under 10 seconds, etc. We're hoping to create some sort of songwriting workshop either on a smaller scale with a local poetry center in Kent or on a larger scale by hosting a Girls Rock Camp either in 2015 or 2016. That's the dream. For the album, we just have to write some songs we actually like, man. We've got a few songs marinating in the vault, so we'll probably bring those out and hose 'em off for an album pretty soon here." – vocalist and guitarist Vivian Ramone


Sour Notes (Austin, TX, indie rockers)

the sournotesImage via facebook.com

"The Sour Notes' New Year's resolution is to explore new sonic territory on our next batch of songs, which will turn into a series of two EPs that combine into an album. We plan on accomplishing this reality by listening to more concept albums, recording bigger amp sounds, and using less reverb for a clear, crisp psych-pop punch! Get ready for the darkest and finest Sour yet!" – vocalist, guitarist, and pianist Jared Boulanger


Turf War (Atlanta, GA, garage punks)

turf warPhoto by Bobby Moore

"Our New Year's resolution is to have more soul in the New Year. We want to have more collective soul. As much the people can handle. We want to let heaven shed some light on us. We've walked to the edge to see the world that we know. Now it's time to let that light shine down."  vocalist and guitarist John Robinson


White Mystery (Chicago, IL, garage punk siblings)

wmmeraPhoto by Bobby Moore

"I take New Year's resolutions seriously and set a new attainable goal every year. Last year, I vowed not to cut my hair or even trim it, and that worked out fine. The year before that, I determined not to drink pop (like Cola or root beer) and that worked out as well. In 2015, I turn 30 years old and would like to wear more black."  vocalist and guitarist Alex White


Wyldlife (New York, NY, rock ’n’ rollers)

wyldlifeImage via facebook.com

"So, we have a few things we want to do for 2015. We want to put out this goddamn seven-inch along with a video for the single off it, which we aim to shoot the first weekend in January. We also want to record our next album, which has been extremely difficult due to the fact we have no drummer. If someone reading this is interested in drumming for us, get at us. We'll probably be recording with a fill-in drummer, but after that is anybody's guess."  vocalist Dave Feldman


Bobby Moore is a freelance writer and historian with an M.A. in public history (University of West Georgia, 2011). He's got a Dead Milkmen tattoo on his chest, and his three-year-old calico is named after the band Tacocat, so he’s pretty shameless about his music fandom.

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