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Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Aug 8, 2016 10:00 AM

Oh hey, August, it's nice to see you again! Summer is heading toward its grand finale, but there are still some weekends left to squeeze in every last summer activity that you've been putting off. With all the last-minute stress aside, take a second to breathe and check out this week's most read posts on Sonicbids:

1. 4 Times You Shouldn't Take the Gig

shutterstock_140160484Photo by Christian Bertrand via Shutterstock

It might be tempting you jump at the chance to play any and all gigs, but there are times when it's just better to say no.


2. How to Make Yourself an Irreplaceable Musician

shutterstock_329795384Image via Shutterstock

Here's how to make sure your band can't imagine existing without your unique skills and talents.


3. 5 Signs You Have the Mental Toughness to Succeed in Music

Image via

Can you truly handle a music career for the long haul and still keep your sanity?


4. How Much Does Social Media Really Play Into a Band's Draw?

june_summer_and_augie_pink_of_miami_garage_pop_band_plastic_pinks_.jpgPlastic Pinks performing at Burger Records Hangover Fest in San Antonio, March 2016. (Photo by Greg Gabrisch Photography; used with permission)

How much should you REALLY believe those "going" numbers on your band's Facebook invite?


5. The Best Time of Day to Practice Music, According to Science

shutterstock_202850395Image via Shutterstock

Believe it or not, there's no uniform best time to practice your music. Find yours by following this method.


6. The Brilliant Hacks Every Musician Needs to Know to Make Moving Gear a Breeze

Roadies.jpgPhoto by Bob Mical via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Lugging gear around for a show is the worst part, but you can make it easier with these simple hacks.


7. This Infographic Shows What Kind of Home Studio Your Budget Will Get You

Image via

This infographic originally appeared on

Use this infographic to figure out where you should really be splurging for your home recording studio.


8. How Real Touring Bands Stay Healthy on the Road

Photo by Joey Visser; used with permission

Everyone could stand to be a little healthier on the road. Here's how real musicians make it happen.


9. What No One Tells You About Booking Gigs in Chicago

elle_quintana_talent_buyer_for_reggies_in_chicago_.jpgElle Quintana, talent buyer at Reggies Live in Chicago. (Image courtesy of Elle Quintana)

Looking to book gigs in Chicago? Heed this sage advice from a talent-buying veteran who really knows the local scene.


10. Musicians: 6 Tips to Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following

shutterstock_315664148Image via Shutterstock

Follow these super easy Instagram tips to becoming the most "liked" musician on the block.

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