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Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Apr 25, 2016 10:00 AM

You might be worried about your van breaking down or your amp shorting out onstage, but you never have to worry about missing the top 10 most ready articles on Sonicbids this week!

1. 9 Signs You're Doing Better Than You Think You Are in Your Music Career

16940903196_e37d32bbd4_kPhoto by Jorg Schreier via; used under Creative Commons

It might be tempting to be hard on yourself, but step back and really take stock of you musical prowess.


2. 3 Telltale Signs That You Have a Serious Weak Link in Your Band

sonicbids.jpgPhoto by Joanna M Foto via; used under Creative Commons

Hint: if someone clearly doesn't give a sh*t, they're probably the weakest link in your band.


3. 7 Easy Fixes That'll Make Your Band Look Way Better on Social Media

bandsintown_twitter_facebook_social_media_bands_independent_diy_promotion_marketing.jpgBandsintown can help you maintain a steady flow of show listings on social media with its free app. (Screen capture via the author)

It doesn't have to be a huge challenge to revamp your social media profiles.


4. 7 Things You Should Always Have in the Studio That You Might Not Think Of

blueband.jpgPhoto by Heri Santoso via; used under Creative Commons

They're easy to overlook, but make sure your recording studio has these simple additions... at the bare minimum.


5. 5 Crazy Tones People Have Gotten Out of Their Guitars That Actually Sound Awesome

buckethead.jpgPhoto by Bryan William Heffner via; used under Creative Commons

Your guitar can do things you've never dreamed of.


6. How to Get More Facebook Likes on Your Fan Page

shutterstock_245621308Image via Shutterstock

Everyone wants to be "liked," so here are some clever paid and free ways to draw fans to your Facebook page.


7. How to Be a More Productive Musician Than You've Ever Been Before

shutterstock_300492209Image via Shutterstock

Don't waste a second of your precious time this year! Be the most productive musician you know.


8. How to Use the Directed Creativity Cycle to Understand and Refine Your Songwriting Process

shutterstock_200606636Image via Shutterstock

How do you get creative? Chances are, you follow this cycle.


9. Take This Quiz to Find Out Which Famous Act You're Destined to Open For

shutterstock_107965820Image via Shutterstock

Find out which artist you're destined to share a stage with someday.


10. The Musician's Cheat Sheet for Stereo Mic'ing Patterns

Picture by Joel Grace (via; used under Creative Commons

Here's your quick and dirty guide to mic placement in the studio.

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