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Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Jul 25, 2016 10:00 AM

With summer at its peak, we know you're trying to make the most of every moment. Parties, trips, and gatherings are happening left and right, and there's no doubt that you're crazy busy during these last few days of July. But take a break, chill out, and take a look at this week's most read articles on Sonicbids!

1. 5 Things You’re Overpaying for as a Musician

5437895492_b0e84aaf2b_b.jpgPhoto by Steven Depolo via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

We're willing to bet you're spending too much on one (or more) of these oh-so-common musician expenses.


2. Why Perfectionism Is Toxic to Your Music Career

shutterstock_445401940First, it's your car. Then, it's that verse that won't stop nagging you. (Image via Shutterstock)

You want to have a long and prosperous music career, but that won't happen if you continue to chase the myth of perfection.


3. 6 Things Every Musician Should Do Before the End of Summer

5975342189_1d1d10e231_b.jpgImage via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Summer is going to be over before you know it. Make sure you use it to your music career's advantage!


4. How to Be Every Sound Guy's Best Friend

All images via

If you're playing a gig in the near future, one person you want on your side is the sound tech.


5. 3 Tricks for a Super Efficient Home Recording Studio in a Tiny Apartment

Recording studio in Brooklyn, NYRecording studio in Brooklyn, NY (image via

Yes, it is possible to create a home studio in a tiny apartment. With a few modifications, of course.


6. The 10 Most Iconic Guitars of All Time (That Aren’t the Fender Strat)

Gibson_FlyingV.jpgImage via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

We guarantee you have owned, will own, or have dreamed of owning one of these legendary guitars.


7. Why Beta-Blockers Won't Help You Become a Better Musician in the Long Run (And 3 Things That Will)

shutterstock_379851928That's the face of a man who's expecting one little pill to solve all of his performance anxieties. (Image via Shutterstock)

The allure of fixing your performance anxiety with a pill is attractive, but is it really effective?


8. How to Send a Killer Email to Anyone in the Music Industry

shutterstock_291310766Image via Shutterstock

To get an excited email response from that cool new music industry person you just met, simply follow these steps.


9. 6 Secrets of Getting a Fuller Drum Sound on Your Recordings

hqdefault-2.jpgScreencap via

If your recordings are missing that mighty, mighty drum sound, you may just be able to remedy that with these tricks.


10. How to Approach Album Track Order in the Digital Age

Image via

Believe it or not, album track order matters as much today as it did 50 years ago.

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