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How to Get More Facebook Likes on Your Fan Page

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This article originally appeared on Cyber PR.


If used correctly, Facebook can be one of the most powerful social media tools in a musician’s arsenal. Especially for young’uns – who have grown up in the age of Mark Zuckerberg – it's often the main way people get their news. With a little bit of work, some of that news can be your music!

Many of the artists who work with Cyber PR ask, "How do I get more Facebook likes?" To put it simply, in order to get more likes, you have to put your page in front of as many people as possible. This can happen – broadly speaking – in two ways: organically, or through paid advertising. Let’s look at "organic likes" first.

5 Time Management Tactics Every Musician Must Know

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A version of this article originally appeared on Cyber PR.


The discussion of the intersection between independent musician and entrepreneur isn't a new one. Both are responsible for shaping their own careers, building their own teams, setting their own goals, and working towards the proper milestones that will turn dreams into reality.

Musicians and entrepreneurs also suffer from a similar issue: time management. And rightfully so. Whether you're a solo artist working on your own or have a band that you can share the responsibilities with, the amount of time it takes to get through the never-ending task load can very quickly surpass the number of hours in a day, week, or year.

The Number-One Reason Your Facebook Page Isn’t Growing (And Other Tips)

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A version of this article appeared on Cyber PR.


If you’ve spent any time trying to promote your music on a Facebook page, I’m sure you’ve noticed something pretty frustrating: Facebook makes it incredibly difficult to grow your page organically.

Once upon a time, if you posted your latest music video on your page (which used to be called a fan page back in the Dark Ages), chances were that most of your fans would see it. But ever since Facebook went public in 2012, the company has made a giant effort to bring paying advertisers on board. The algorithms Facebook uses to determine what people see in its newsfeeds are heavily weighted to benefit paid advertisements. This results in the fact that my own mother (who has about 20 Facebook friends) often doesn’t see what I post on my page.

Delegation for Musicians: A Guide for Getting Help and Support

Ariel Hyatt. (Image via flickr.com; used under Creative Commons)

A version of this article originally appeared on Cyber PR.


You'll never achieve the success you want it if you try to do it all alone and try to take on things that stop you dead in your tracks or waste your precious time. I cannot stress this enough: You must learn to delegate, and get the stuff that stresses you out off of your plate.

Ariel Hyatt's Mini-Masterclass for Musicians: Everything We Know About Facebook's Algorithm

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This video originally appeared on Cyber PR.

Wondering what social media posts might warrant the most likes, or if it's appropriate to slap a hundred photos of your new baby on your band's fan page? What about understanding statistics when they all look like hieroglyphs? We're excited to share part one of Ariel Hyatt's popular three-part mini-masterclass video series with you, and it's all about Facebook!