Ariel Hyatt's Mini-Masterclass for Musicians: Everything We Know About Facebook's Algorithm

Posted by Ariel Hyatt on May 1, 2015 11:00 AM

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This video originally appeared on Cyber PR.

Wondering what social media posts might warrant the most likes, or if it's appropriate to slap a hundred photos of your new baby on your band's fan page? What about understanding statistics when they all look like hieroglyphs? We're excited to share part one of Ariel Hyatt's popular three-part mini-masterclass video series with you, and it's all about Facebook!

In this Facebook video you will learn:

  • The answer to the number one question I get asked about Facebook (every time)
  • How to get your fans from your personal page over to your fan page
  • How to get more "likes" on your page
  • The best strategies for making the ever-changing Facebook a powerful fan engagement machine and a showcase for your music, list-building, and videos
  • Facebook advertising basics. In 2015 and beyond, it's necessary to allocate a budget for Facebook ads and boosted posts in order for your posts to be seen. Also, I say one post a day but you can drop it down to three or four times a week.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from those who have already seen the video, and I hope you get a few aha moments from it as well.


Learn a few more social media tips and tricks:


Ariel Hyatt has been a fierce entrepreneur for 18 years and runs Cyber PR, a dynamic social media and content strategy company based in New York City. Her agency places clients on blogs and podcasts, establishes their online brands, and coaches them to create authentic relationships. She has spoken in 12 countries and is the author of four books on social media for artists, two of of which have hit number one on Amazon.

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