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5 Things You Should Have Readily Available on Your Band's Website

Screencap via thegreatbookofjohn.com

You've released your first EP, booked some dates, and you're ready to generate some buzz for your band. With all of that accomplished, it sounds like you're on the right track! But there's another thing to mark off your checklist: is your website press-ready?

5 Ways to Make Your Sonicbids EPK Stand Out From the Crowd

The Afterwhile (Image via sonicbids.com)

So you've registered for Sonicbids. Congratulations! It's clear you understand the value of an electronic press kit. By creating an EPK, you're making it that much easier for promoters, booking agents, and press to gather info about your band and help you land great opportunitiesBut how do you make your EPK stand out from the crowd? Take a look at what these five Sonicbids bands got right, and then go spruce up your EPK accordingly!

4 Blog Post Ideas to Hold Your Fans' Attention

Image via doandroidsdance.com

The musician's life isn't always glamorous. But the average fan doesn't have an understanding of what that life is really like – and they're often eager to find out. Sharing your story by blogging can help build a lasting fan relationship. None of this has to be complex; a few good sentences or a photo that offers insight into who you are and what you're doing will keep your fans interested whether or not you're releasing new material.

How to Craft Your Band's Pitch for 5 Types of Media Outlets

Image originally from nymag.com

The media has come calling, and you can’t wait to tell your band’s story over, and over, and over again. Who cares if you sound like a broken record – any press is good press, right? Wrong. It's true, you could have much worse problems. But think of it this way: If you saw an article about your favorite band (or actor, or comedian, or whatever), picked it up and dove in only to find the same anecdotes you’ve read a dozen times, you’d be disappointed and might even toss aside the whole story. Look at each media opportunity as a way to attract new listeners and draw your existing fanbase even closer. Here's how to tailor your band's story to maximize your chances of getting picked up by five types of media outlets.