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10 Dos and Don'ts of Contacting a Venue Owner

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As you begin to book your own shows, you'll want to avoid these don'ts and adhere to these dos instead. Your relationships with talent buyers, booking agents, and venues are crucial to growing your fanbase and career – don't taint them by making mistakes from the get-go.

The Top 4 Online Profiles Every Musician Must Have

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Managing an online presence doesn't come easily to everyone. As a DIY musician, though, you don't have much choice in the matter. Keeping your pages active and updated is hugely important to the maintenance and growth of your fanbase, as well as key in getting press and booking gigs. That said, you don't have to use every single platform out there.

5 Rules to Book Better Gigs

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Besides trying to land gigs at the best venues alongside the best bands, what else can you do to book better gigs? We've outlined five points that speak to the process of getting the show together in the first place: how, where, when, and with whom. If you follow these rules, you'll give every show optimal potential for greatness – and give a boost to your fanbase-growing efforts.

Get Inspired by This Band That's Absolutely Killing It With Their Creative DIY Marketing

Little Tybee. (Photo by Andrew Kornylak; used with permission)

There's something magical about Little Tybee's progressive folk sounds. The Atlanta band's catalog, which dates back eight years, is like one gorgeous glisten expanded for eternity. But even the most beautiful music sometimes goes unheard – so to make sure theirs reaches as many people as possible, the group become incredibly stellar in DIY marketing. In fact, their most recent effort sent their music on a trip around the world.

How to Get Your Music Featured on Bandcamp

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Editorial at Bandcamp has been a thing since 2013, but right now the focus on (and following of) their content is sharper than ever. For the unfamiliar, music criticism isn't their bag; the mission instead is to spotlight the best of the hundreds of thousands of bands and artists on the platform.

The qualifying criteria aren't cut and dried, of course. There's no fixed formula for getting your music featured on Bandcamp, and that's actually a good thing.