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10 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Local Shows

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Performing in front of a live audience is a tried-and-true method for building a fanbase. If you're a baby band or super green to a local music scene, your best bet is to just play anywhere and everywhere, as often as possible, and ideally shows that will have a built-in audience that don't rely so heavily on your promotion (i.e., coffee shops, breweries, private events, etc.). But once you're at the point in your career where you can actually get people (ideally 35+) through a venue door, it's time to book proper shows and treat them like a business opportunity.

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Feb 9, 2016 10:00 AM

Laura Goldfarb

The One Sentence Everyone Needs to Stop Saying to Artists

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Here on Sonicbids, our readers are primarily musicians and artists of all levels. We aim to offer advice and knowledge to help you build your careers. In this piece, though, I’m preaching to the choir in an effort to not only show you that we’ve got your back, but to maybe assist you in communicating with your fans and the public about a topic that’s sometimes tough or uncomfortable to bring up. Feel free to post this on your socials if you think it’ll help.

10 Things You Need to Do Before Hiring a Music Publicist

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Everyone has an opinion (myself included) on when an artist is "ready" to hire a publicist. The truth is, it's different from artist to artist, publicist to publicist, manager to manager, and it depends on a bunch of variables. So how the hell do you navigate this? To start, here's my personal wish list of 10 things that I hope all of Red Boot PR's future clients will do before hiring us, in order.

Have a Music Publicist? Never Hesitate to Make These 3 Requests

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Every PR firm and publicist marches to the beat of their own drum, and as a result, your campaign is going to look different from your friends'. That being said, for the sake of maintaining professional integrity, there are at least three basic requests that any artist at any level can (and probably should) feel comfortable asking of his or her publicist.

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Nov 19, 2014 09:00 AM

Laura Goldfarb

5 Types of Music Publicists That Indie Artists Should Avoid

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It's time for me to come clean  at one point or another in my career, I've been guilty of being all of the types of publicists below, and as a result, I kind of sucked at my job. I've also dated, slept with, shacked up with, or befriended enough indie artists over the years to know what simply doesn't work. I recommend that the process of choosing a publicist for yourself be as informed, careful, and intuitive as choosing a nanny for your first-born child. Here's a little help on which five publicists to avoid completely.